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NH Democrats rebrand annual dinner again, trading Kennedy and Clinton for Eleanor Roosevelt in response to #MeToo criticism

Staff Report
August 08. 2018 10:15AM


CONCORD — The New Hampshire Democratic Party is dumping Kennedy and Clinton in favor of Eleanor Roosevelt, at least when it comes to naming one of the party’s major fundraising events.

After months of criticism from supporters of the #Me Too movement, the NHDP State Committee has voted to rename its annual fall fundraising dinner the Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner.

After two name changes since 2016, the party is no doubt hoping to avoid controversy by naming the event in honor of the prominent former First Lady.

The event had been known as the Jefferson-Jackson dinner for years, until those names were dropped in 2016 in favor of Democratic Presidents John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

New Hampshire Democrats joined several other state Democratic parties in dropping the names of Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, citing their history as slave owners.

Last year, Republicans criticized the use of Clinton’s name for the event, given the allegations of sexual misconduct that dogged his presidency.

In addition to her role as First Lady, Roosevelt was the first U.S. delegate to the United Nations, the first chair of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights and the first chair of the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women.

“The Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner is particularly fitting given our party’s steadfast commitment to electing Democratic women,” said state party chair Ray Buckley.

“New Hampshire Democrats are proud that we were the first state to elect a female legislative majority, the first woman elected governor and U.S. senator, and the first all-female all-Democratic federal delegation. This event will help support and elect Democrats up and down the ballot who share the same values of social and economic justice as Eleanor Roosevelt.”

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