Brenda and Thomas G. Bohner to Timothy J. Roderick, 160 River Rd., Oct 26, $261,000.

David Hawkins and Stanley Pawelczyk to Louise Rideout, 34 Roland Dr., Oct 29, $95,000.

Rose-Marie Balboni to Jacob D. Post, Whitten St., Oct 26, $160,000.


Nelson FT 2016 and Ronald H. Nelson to Nichole A. Iacuzio and Matthew D. Obrien, 179 Wilsons Crossing Rd., Oct 29, $283,000.


Stage Crossing LLC to Thien P. Dang and Nhung Nguyen, 129 County Rd., Oct 30, $682,000.

US Bank NA Tr to Kevin Raymond, 1 Dery St., Oct 25, $271,000.

Shahzad S. Chughtai and Kelly Chughtal to Alfred W. and Atsuko N. Powers, 37 Riddle Dr., Oct 26, $825,000.

Donna M. and Joseph P. Murphy to Scott A. and Tammy L. Prokop, 5 Turnberry Cir., Unit 5, Oct 29, $465,000.

George M. and Gesele Y. Scully to Meghan Moore and Robert D. Simmons, 43 Whippoorwill Ln., Oct 25, $273,600.


Susan D. and Stephen R. Wilson to Sara and John Benedum, 532 North Rd., Oct 26, $315,000.


Homes At Southwoods 2016 to Robert S. Carrier, 38 Granite Ln., Oct 30, $399,933.

James E. Goudreault to Kevin J. Dolan, 219 Shepard Home Rd., Oct 24, $350,000.


Solid Roots Construction to Michael J. Mulcahy, 7 Corey Rd., Oct 26, $350,000.

Bryan L. Campbell and Rebecca E. Hennessy to Alexander M. Thibault and Rachel S. Ihde, 14-a Gulf Rd., Oct 26, $300,000.

Meghan E. Delaney to Brett W. Allard and Korissa L. Bailey, 7 Harmony Rd., Oct 29, $338,533.

Dorothy J Ege RET 1996 and Dorothy J. Ege to Jacqueline D. Roy and Marcus G. Hayes, 43 Ridge Rd., Oct 30, $250,000.


Melissa Nelson to Matthew and Ashley Morin, 12 Al St., Unit L, Oct 24, $197,000.

Philip and Megan Stagnone to Ronald A. Roberts, 2 Bristol Ct, Unit 222, Oct 29, $129,933.

Kevin Lonergan-Coyle to Scott Kinney, 74 Chester Rd., Oct 30, $259,000.

Jared C. Dawicki to Vipin Khera, 95 E Broadway, Unit 8, Oct 26, $88,533.

Elizabeth M. Collinge and Karen Meavitt to Owen Provencher, 2 Exeter St., Oct 26, $224,933.

Daniel and Maria M Gill RET and Maria Gill to Gregg M. White, 6 Grandview Ave., Oct 29, $285,000.

Ross and Kristin Garofalo to Kenneth S. Frazier, 3 Paul Ave., Oct 24, $310,000.

Summit Avenue T and Mark C. Conserva to Giovanni Oliva, 10 S Railroad Ave., Unit R, Oct 24, $185,933.

3 Wishes LLC to Joseph and Holly Workman, 20 Schurman Dr., Oct 30, $310,000.

Richard E. and Tina E. Silva to Ashley and Fred Boucher, 6 Silver St., Oct 29, $299,000.


Heather H. and Jason J. Lalla to Howard R. and Pierrette M. Cox, 17 St.ephanie Rd., Oct 26, $275,000.


Millers Landing LLC to John R. and Nancy A. Snell, 18-a Cedar Way, Unit 9, Oct 30, $339,666.

Emad E. and Susan A. Gerges to Christopher J. and Jessica A. Pagliuca, 7 Checkerberry Ln., Oct 25, $232,000.

Richard A. and Constance Mitchell to Lawrence E. Bolduc and Jennifer Janelle-Bolduc, 65 Greer Rd., Oct 29, $340,000.

Rosemarie A. and Ronald K. Jache to Tiffany Maher, 47 Laurel St., Oct 29, $248,000.

Susan M. and James R. Drelick to James R. Drelick, 77 Tanager Rd., Oct 26, $24,000.

Kevin D. Hodges and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Robert A. and Marryanne Bartlett, 2 Timberwood Dr., Unit 102, Oct 29, $115,000.

Irene Dunn to Caroline Powers, 150 Wallace Rd., Unit B, Oct 30, $195,000.

Marc P. Tessier to Glenn and Jean Silva, Lot 93-1, Oct 26, $20,000.


Deborah Gagnon to Nathan J. Brown, 34 Auburn Rd., Oct 26, $215,000.

Timothy J. Rigsby to Dianne M Humlesine RET and Dianne M. Humlesine, 3 Beech St., Unit 3, Oct 30, $190,000.

Faith C. and Lea V. Griesser to Virginia R Mabie FT and Virginia R. Mabie, 5 Beech St., Unit 5, Oct 26, $235,000.

Stinson Hills LLC to Paul M. and Stephanie Gray, 60 Brookview Dr., Oct 26, $417,400.

Gabriela and Kenneth Haskell to Carrie-Ann Huuskonen, 4 Buddy St., Oct 30, $72,000.

Virginia R Mabie RET and Virginia R. Mabie to Andrea M. and Carlton T. Cottrell, 1465 Hooksett Rd., Unit 450, Oct 29, $275,000.

Andrew J. and Pamela R. Dimattina to Christopher M. and Kathryn E. Bobay, 21 Lindsay Rd., Oct 25, $374,000.

Cesar Ventures LLC to Vipin Khera, 134 Mammoth Rd., Unit 512, Oct 26, $81,533.

Britney and Kennedy R. Rodriguez to Chad S. and Kate Ward, 80 Merrimack St., Oct 30, $263,533.

Mary Johnson FT and Mary C. Johnson to Elizabeth and Ronald Verdonck, 92 Pheasant Hill Rd., Oct 30, $190,000.

J Peter Noonan to Springwood Homes and Dev Corp, 3 Sunburst Ln., Oct 26, $135,000.

Merrimack Heights Inc to River Hill LLC, 512 W River Rd., Oct 30, $6,090,000.


Theoni Tsouprakos to Donna L. Bastian, 27 Candleridge Cir., Unit 27, Oct 26, $234,933.

William and Elizabeth Driscoll to Scott M. and Jenessa K. Deschene, 10 Griffin Ln., Oct 25, $388,533.

Tracy T. Duquette to Chirsothper R. Albert and Michelle Gill, 1 Meadowbrook Ln., Oct 29, $293,000.

Susan Heimsath to Logan A. Hanft, 69 Naticook Ave., Oct 26, $485,000.


Amy B. Vetrano and Jason Palmer to Steven M. and Susan Heimsath, 47 Anthony Dr., Oct 26, $592,000.

Cross Farm Development to Bruce and Janice Potter, Cross Farm Condo, Unit 12, Oct 24, $498,933.

Brett S. LaBranche and Wendy J. Labranche to Mark Lambert and Christopher J. Morrison, 5 Lance Ave., Oct 25, $319,933.

William B. Doane to Girard W. and Deanne Snyder, 118 Mammoth Rd., Oct 26, $240,000.

Julie Freda to Abigail P. Sawyer, 8 Midridge Cir., Unit 8, Oct 30, $176,933.

JMD Nashua Road LLC to Scac LLC, 80 Nashua Rd., Unit B1, Oct 30, $93,400.

William J and J S Puglisi RET and William J. Puglisi to Jose M Correia RET 1998 and Jose M. Correia, 33 Page Rd., Oct 25, $442,533.

Diamond-Rego RET and Joan Diamond-Rego to Robert Rubio, 13 Severance Dr., Oct 25, $335,000.

Regina A Marchand RET and Troy J. Mifsud to Erica M. and Deborah J. Desfosses, Wiley Hill Rd., Oct 26, $730,000.

William R. and Valerie M. Nelson to Nicholas W. Pica and Taylor K. Holm, 29 Wyndmere Dr., Unit 29, Oct 26, $220,000.


Y C Dube VanZanten T and Yolande C. VanZanten to Pierre J. Peloquin, Arlington St., Oct 26, $150,000.

Y C Dube VanZanten T and Yolande C. VanZanten to Pierre J. Peloquin, Auburn St., Oct 26, $200,000.

Robert R. and Deborah J. Lemire to Thomas W. York, 102 Cumberland St., Oct 29, $200,000.

Doris Street LLC to Donald and Judith A. Cassell, 24 Doris St., Oct 26, $210,000.

Y C Dube VanZanten T and Yolande C. VanZanten to Pierre J. Peloquin, Douglas St., Oct 26, $350,000.

DHC Real Estate LLC to JMHJ Ventures LLC, 728 E Industrial Park Dr., Unit 1, Oct 25, $345,000.

Robert Thompson and Robert Lamoy to Ellen Boda, 265 Edward J Roy Dr., Unit 321, Oct 30, $190,000.

1650 Elm Street LLC to 501 Barber Shop LLC, 1650 Elm St., Unit 501, Oct 25, $130,000.

Michael W. Hobbs to Bruce S. and Lisa A. Lavallee, 33 Flagstone Ter, Oct 30, $322,533.

Rita T. Miller to Jason J. and Marcella L. Termini, 25 Garmon St., Oct 26, $239,933.

Stephen M. and Lisa J. Manero to Eric P. Campbell and Rebecca L. Mcnall, 220 Gingras Ave., Oct 30, $227,933.

Thomas P. and Lorrie L. Oneill to Tracy K. Strong, 1270 Goffstown Rd., Oct 30, $249,933.

Overend Katherine E Est and Robert J. Overend to 234 Green Me LLC, 234 Green St., Oct 26, $625,000.

FNMA to Alexander Kratoska, 116 Hall St., Oct 29, $178,000.

Sandra Norton RET and Sandra S. Norton to John B. Mcquaid and Amanda L. Mcquid, 1588 Hall St., Oct 30, $300,000.

Thuan T. Luong and Trang T. Nguyen to Jennifer Lowell, 3 Home Ave., Oct 30, $230,000.

Lillian R Evans RET and Lillian R. Evans to Lafayette Holdings LLC, Kelley St., Oct 24, $310,000.

Ami Nichols to Jason P. Schlesinger, 116 Lancaster Ave., Oct 30, $205,400.

OVB Reatly LLC to Koda LLC, 96 Laurel St., Oct 29, $165,000.

Jason and Marcella Termini to Cynthia J. Stewart, 102 Lovering St., Oct 26, $195,000.

Michael T. Provost and MF Residential Assets 1 to Mfresidential Assets 1, 265 Maplehurst Ave., Oct 24, $112,500.

Marginal Way LLC to Christopher and Christine Ryan, 2 Marlborough St., Oct 24, $415,000.

Douglas M. Reardon to Rodney N. Paquette, 44 Maurice St., Oct 26, $295,000.

Scott Richardson to Nathan D. and Erin P. Dionne, 50 Mercier Ave., Oct 30, $223,000.

Kathleen L. Destefano to Ami M. Nichols, 65 Michigan Ave., Oct 30, $220,000.

Keith E. and Roberta H. Brown to Richard C. and Debra A. Day, 196-a Norfolk St., Unit 1, Oct 30, $243,533.

Peter A. and Mary J. Morin to Molly A. Dussault, 62 Orchard Ave., Oct 29, $225,000.

Beaudry Gilberte L Est and Denise M. Buxton to Kenneth E. Sasseville, 54 Public St., Oct 25, $171,000.

Melissa M. Gendron to Ben and Emily Smyrlian, 75 Riverdale Ave., Oct 30, $260,000.

Chad Rioux to Patrick M. Mullen and Stephanie A. Deveau, 580 S Main St., Oct 25, $225,000.

Susan K. Doukas to Christy N. and David P. Masciarelli, 690 S Porter St., Unit 19, Oct 29, $138,000.

Macadam Bay Inc to Tridee Associates Inc, S Willow St., Oct 24, $2,150,000.

P and M NT and Michael F. Messina to Morkie Property LLC, 8030 S Willow St., Unit 3-3, Oct 29, $150,000.

Burgess Associates LLC to SNHS Management Corp, 130 Silver St., Oct 25, $850,000.

Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Homefront Investments LLC, 241 Spruce St., Oct 26, $148,050.

Freddy and Brigitte Brea to Theroux-Litchfield RT and Rene Theroux, 512 Spruce St., Oct 30, $222,000.

Paul Lemire and Wilmington T NA to Romes Homes LLC, 287 Taylor St., Oct 30, $171,000.

Timothy Day to Danijel Danicic, 772 Union St., Unit 772, Oct 30, $94,000.

MDR Rehab and Development LLC to Darin and Susan Mantia, 341 W Mitchell St., Oct 26, $275,000.

OVB Reatly LLC to Koda LLC, 134 West St., Unit B, Oct 29, $140,000.

Stanley J Szopa T and Frances K. Szopa to Frances K Szopa T and Frances K. Szopa, Lot 10, Oct 30, $370,000.


Ruth E. Sorak to Kelly Burgess, 62 Bates Rd., Oct 25, $295,000.

John R. Howe to Scott R. Morrissette, 11 Beebe Ln., Oct 25, $330,000.

Haywinn LLC to Sarnia Properties Inc, 268 Daniel Webster Hwy., Oct 30, $834,600.

Peter L. Zsofka to Arnold Daka and Nancy B. Moyo, 11 E Ridge Rd., Unit 11, Oct 24, $180,000.

Tyler D. and Kayla M. Johnson to Andrew G. and Michelle Pilon, 53 E Ridge Rd., Unit 53, Oct 29, $163,000.

Brookstone Co Inc to Innovation Acquisition, Henry Clay Dr., Oct 25, $6,100,000.

Joshua D. Ochal to Donna M. Dombrauskas, 17 Kimberly Dr., Unit 23, Oct 29, $149,000.

Scott and Pamela Goodwin to Stephen and Ami Diamond, 37 Marty Dr., Oct 26, $375,000.

Valdemir M. and Taina P. Roque to Amanda L. Kahn, 64 Merrimack Dr., Unit 64, Oct 25, $201,000.

Urban FT and William J. Urban to Sophie B. and Kevin R. Linkroum, 20 Ministerial Dr., Oct 29, $360,000.

Laraine M. Fay to Thomas S. and Michelle M. Foley, 30 Penacook Ter, Unit 30, Oct 26, $243,000.

Erik L. and Heather M. Hansen to Christopher Wellman, 82 Tinker Rd., Oct 29, $252,533.


Lilibeth Sequera to Mark and Clarisse Lincir, 5 Autumn Leaf Dr., Unit 14, Oct 24, $148,000.

Oneil Mary Patricia Est and Colleen M. Oneill to Donna L. Shaw-Kilbury, 11 Bartemus Trl, Unit 307, Oct 26, $210,000.

Marianne Dustin to Jennifer M. Chrisemer, 23 Baymeadow Dr., Oct 24, $400,000.

Harbor Homes Inc to Five State Services Corp, 3-5 Charles St., Oct 29, $567,533.

William J. and Meredith R. Kew to Michael Chiricosta, 135 Conant Rd., Oct 29, $282,000.

Kulas RET and Patricia A. Kulas to Jacquelyn A James RET and Jacquelyn A. James, 160 Daniel Webster Hwy., Unit 126, Oct 30, $334,933.

US Bank NA Tr to Garrett Malagodi, 70 Dublin Ave., Oct 30, $260,000.

Tony O. and Melissa A. Correia to Christopher and Amanda Brule, Dunbarton Dr., Oct 30, $355,000.

Mcilvenna Sean D Est and Barry Stahl to Umar S. Chaudhry, 148 E Dunstable Rd., Oct 24, $309,933.

Potter FT and Edwin A. Potter to John Halley, 110 E Hobart St., Oct 25, $285,000.

Bradford J Hill 1998 RET and Bradford J. Hill to Gateway Homes LLC, Fox St., Lot, Oct 26, $76,533.

Mary Ann Breen RET and Mary A. Breen to Joan B. King and Denise E. Law, 19 Furnival Rd., Unit 19, Oct 26, $310,000.

Mark C. Abbott and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Yatos Properties LLC, 44 Gillis St., Unit E, Oct 25, $75,000.

Sally A. Moyer to First General Contractors, 47 Gilson Rd., Oct 29, $145,000.

Mcann Margaret E Est and Elaine StJacques to Thomas Jenkins, Hatch Rd., Oct 26, $250,000.

Nutile FT and Tara Maden to Anthony and Tanya Medina, 51 Hawkstead Holw, Unit 51, Oct 24, $229,933.

Telford 2017 T and Gary K. Telford to Stephen Hurton, 3 Hemlock Ct, Oct 30, $367,533.

Allison M Fortier RET and Allison M. Fortier to Steven Robichaud, 6 Killian Dr., Unit 6, Oct 29, $240,000.

Roger A and Y T Fortin RET and Donald R. Fortin to Arianny B. Arias, 13 Kingston Dr., Oct 26, $252,000.

Harbor Homes Inc to Five State Services Corp, 189 Kinsley St., Oct 29, $467,533.

Pamela A. Corey to Alexander H. Finn and Caitlin E. Rutzke, 17 Labine St., Oct 26, $233,533.

S Longchamps-Mosher and Stephanie Longchamps to Linh M. and Duy A. Tran, 373 Main St., Unit B, Oct 26, $277,000.

William L. and Alice L. Walver to Jsoe H. Contreras-Moreno, 34 Meade St., Oct 29, $345,000.

Brian Safarewitz to Allison Fortier, 14 Millbrook Dr., Oct 30, $340,000.

Timothy J. Gagnon to David S. and Rhonda J. Bombard, 222 Millwright Dr., Unit 222, Oct 30, $131,133.

Sheryl M. Tickal to Janice M. Moore and James W. Askham, 11 Mount Pleasant St., Oct 26, $270,000.

Selwyn R. Sutton to F J. and P L. DaSilva-Sampaio, 30 Sims St., Oct 24, $364,000.

Melissa C. Forrest to PGTI LLC, 4 St.rawberry Bank Rd., Unit 8, Oct 30, $119,533.

Clossom Judith D Est and Patrick C. Closson to Andrea Tower, 2 Thresher Rd., Unit 2, Oct 29, $330,000.

Alice Howell-Walters and Colina H. Walters to Ashish Bhardwaj and Seema Kaushik, 7 Topaz Dr., Oct 24, $379,000.

Kelleher RET and Lawrence R. Kelleher to Matthew J. Davis and Tiffany M. Mannion, 42 Wethersfield Rd., Oct 29, $340,000.

Granitz FT LLC to Frank C. Guarino, 20 White Plains Dr., Oct 29, $260,000.


Erin L. Malouin to Faifax FT and Kevin Faifax, 157 Christie Rd., Oct 30, $256,200.

Laurie J. Foistner and North American SB FSB to North American SB FSB, 104 Foxberry Dr., Oct 24, $1,420,250.

Madelin Carignan to Christopher J. Thibeault, 10 Simons Farm Rd., Oct 30, $256,000.

Twin Bridge Land Mgmt LLC to Jennifer C. Maund, 96 Wright Dr., Oct 30, $410,000.


Elizabeth A. and Michael W. Mason to 316-318 Borough Road LLC, 316-318 Borough Rd., Oct 30, $375,000.

US Bank NA Tr to Ronald E. and Susan E. Thomas, 85 Broadway, Oct 30, $163,000.

Deborah A. and John R. Baird to Gordon A. and Marlana L. Lesage, 416 Cross Country Rd., Oct 29, $250,000.

Andrew C. Kirk to CJM Properties LLC, 216 Dearborn Rd., Oct 30, $120,000.

Bergman Jean E Est and Julie Bergman to Edie M. and Lois E. Hamilton, 730 Eley Ln., Oct 29, $242,000.

Jennifer L. and Scott Betournay to Matthew J. and Rachel E. Delois, N Pembroke Rd., Oct 29, $239,933.

Terrence Connor to Alison C. Mackay, 9 N Pembroke Rd., Oct 29, $162,000.

Robb J. Stidwill to Erin and Nicholas Pope, 745 N Pembroke Rd., Oct 29, $325,000.

Albert J. Yeaton to Damar Realty Investments, 2 Turnpike St., Oct 26, $175,000.


Bank Of New York Mellon to May Erwin, 40 Ann Logan Cir., Oct 24, $243,087.

Jeffrey S. Paige to KWC Excavation and Paving LLC, County Rd., Oct 26, $18,000.

Joel L. Heil to Sarah and Brandan Tremblay, 5 Elsun Ave., Oct 26, $275,000.

Justin C. and Kimberly S. Paynter to Peter J. and Elizabeth B. Duffy, 7 Harriman Rd., Oct 30, $235,000.

Double Bogey Development to New Sunset Realty LLC, Lane Rd., Oct 24, $500,000.

Paula Boles to Monica Mcgovern and Dale Shallow, 128 Main St., Oct 29, $200,000.

Dorothy J Mcdonald RET and Robert K. Mcdonald to Michael and Aimee Hayes, 2 Park Pl, Oct 29, $235,000.

Sarah L. Tremblay to Dylan T. Crabb and Spencer Mckenney, Oct 26, $230,400.


Amks Realty LLC to Ashley E. Lebel, 1127 Concord St.age Rd., Oct 26, $185,000.

Norman L. and Diane L. Leblond to Nicole Herbst, 88 Hatfield Rd., Oct 29, $329,000.

George Lekkas to Lisa T. Dibenedetto, 34 New Rd., Oct 24, $95,000.

Peacock Hill Road LLC to Mark and Heather Roberts, 16 Peacock Hill Rd., Oct 24, $362,533.

Darlene K. Ferroli to Claire Petrillo, 21 Pine Hill Est, Oct 26, $272,800.

Susan L. Perine to Amanda M. and Daniel J. Edgerly, 105 Pondview Rd., Oct 29, $280,000.

Lawrence E. and Jennifer J. Bolduc to Benjamin L. Fernandes and Heather E. Hernandes, 42 Rolling Hill Dr., Oct 30, $409,000.

Kathleen D. and George R. Groce to Diane M. Mcguire, 118 Twin Bridge Rd., Oct 29, $274,000.