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Police: Manchester man shoots pit bull that was mauling his dog

New Hampshire Sunday News

October 21. 2017 2:31PM

MANCHESTER — A city man shot and killed a pit bull that was running loose and attacked his dog Saturday morning, according to police.

Sgt. Richard Brennan said Richard D’Amour was walking his dog Molly in his South Taylor Street neighborhood around 9:30 a.m. when a passer-by warned him there were two pit bulls running loose up ahead.

D’Amour turned around and was heading home with his dog when the two other dogs began chasing them, Brennan said. He made it to his porch, where one of the pit bulls attacked Molly, a 5-year-old lab/Great Pyrenees cross.

D’Amour and another man who came to help tried to pull the dog off. “The pit bull had his dog by the neck,” Brennan said. “They couldn’t get the dog off his dog.”

That’s when D’Amour, who has a pistol permit and had his gun with him, shot the pit bull, killing it, Brennan said.

D’Amour rushed his dog to a veterinarian. “She was chewed up pretty good, but she’s going to survive,” Brennan said.

Meanwhile, the pit bull’s owner, identified as Adam Philbert, was trying to catch his dogs and came upon the scene. He told police the dogs had gotten out by mistake.

“It’s just a bad situation for everybody,” Brennan said. “You feel bad for everybody involved.”

Brennan said D’Amour was justified in protecting his dog on his own porch, so he will not face charges. Philbert might be cited for having his dogs loose, he said.

Police said Philbert had up-to-date vaccination records for both dogs; the dead dog’s name was Luigi.

Lois D’Amour said her husband was bitten on the hand during the incident and had to get medical treatment. And Molly was bleeding from a wound on her neck.

Their veterinarian used staples to close Molly’s wound and the dog is home now, with antibiotics and pain medication. “She’s doing better,” Lois D’Amour said.
She called the situation “very unfortunate.”

“The dog came right up on the porch as my husband was trying to put our dog in the house,” she said.

Lois D’Amour said her husband feels bad about having to shoot the other dog. “He just wouldn’t get off our dog,” she said.

“It’s still upsetting,” she said. “And it’s upsetting to the other dogs’ owner, too.

“But I’m glad my dog’s OK.”

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