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Two cars damaged in crash with moose in Barnstead

September 06. 2018 9:24AM

This Jeep was one of two vehicles that struck a moose on Route 28 in Barnstead Tuesday night. The occupants suffered minor injuries. The moose was fatally injured. (Barnstead Police/Facebook)

BARNSTEAD — Two vehicles were heavily damaged Tuesday when they struck a moose on Route 28 near Maple Street, police said.

The occupants of the vehicle suffered minor injuries. The moose died.

A Jeep involved in the nighttime collision ended up on its roof and the accident briefly closed the highway.

Fish & Game officials reminded drivers that moose are on the move through October, during the breeding season known as a rut.

Female moose drive off their yearling calves in preparation for mating and the wayward youngsters cross roads, creating traffic hazards.

Their dark color, coupled with long legs, make them difficult to see, especially at night, as their heads are so high headlights do not reflect their eyes.

An adult moose can stand more than six feet tall at the shoulder and tip the scales at more than a 1,000 pounds.

Climate change has spurred an increase in winter ticks and other parasites that feed on moose and has prompted a decline in the state’s moose herd, according to Fish & Game Moose Biologist Kris Rines.

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