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Photos of overpacked minivan in NH go viral; driver cited

June 29. 2017 12:29AM
State police said this Honda Odyssey minivan was stoppped recently because it was extremely overpacked. (COURTESY)

LONDONDERRY — An overpacked minivan was the subject of photos the New Hampshire State Police posted on its Facebook page on Wednesday. 

Thomas McNeil, 57, of Belmont had a bicycle, furniture, boxes, a shovel, rake, broom and a wheeled shopping cart, among other items, stacked on the roof of his 2003 Honda Odyssey when he was heading north Wednesday on Interstate 93.

Trooper Nicholas Iannone stopped his car and issued him a summons for negligent driving and non-inspection.

The trooper escorted the van as it was being towed from the scene to RGA Towing in Pelham. State police said en route to Pelham an item fell off the car.

Police said on Facebook that Iannone prevented a “potential accident.”

“Driving with items attached/strapped to your vehicle can be extremely dangerous for you and those driving nearby,” police said in a Facebook post. “These objects can obstruct your view or even worse become unsecure and cause an accident.”

Photographs of the heavily laden car were posted on the State Police's Facebook page, garnering more than 2,000 shares.

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