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Ken Burns: America racist, Donald Trump birtherism alternative to using the N-word

Appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday, documentary filmmaker Ken Burns told host John Dickerson he believes America is still a racist nation, and those who have questioned the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate, namely, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, have done so as an alternative to using the N-word.

Armed civilians at Keene recruiting center left at recruiters' request

Stand down. That’s essentially what Army recruiters at the Keene military recruiting office asked the armed volunteers outside their office to do recently after they had been standing guard there for more than a week.

Study of social media finds NH leads nation in loving cops

The company found that more than 37 percent of Americans gave their police department an F grade, with the national average being a D. Grades of A came from New Hampshire, North Dakota, West Virginia, Kansas and Hawaii.

NH lawmakers challenges students to identify dumbest laws

State Rep. Max Abramson, R-Seabrook, one of the legislators spearheading the initiative, said all New Hampshire students have until Sept. 15 to post a law they’d like to see repealed on the event’s Facebook page called New Hampshire’s Dumbest Law. Sept. 15 is three days before the deadline for lawmakers to file legislation, Abramson said.

Democrat's ‘anti-Scott Brown playbook’ helping Republicans hold U.S. Senate

Gov. Maggie Hassan hasn’t even announced if she’ll run for the Senate in 2016. But according to Politico , that hasn’t stopped Republican groups from spending $2.5 million in negative ads against the Democratic governor.

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In New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders fans are skeptical of Joe Biden


LITTLETON, N.H. -- Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, told reporters Monday he couldn't predict what kind of impact a Joe Biden presidential bid would have on his standing in the 2016 Democratic primary.

GOP in Va., N.C. want to pressure Trump into pledging support to whomever wins


Party leaders in Virginia and North Carolina told that they are considering a push to require candidates entering their respective Republican primaries to pledge their support for the eventual nominee and not run a third-party candidacy — a pledge Trump, the current frontrunner, would not make when asked to during the Fox News debate earlier this month in Cleveland.

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‘Our lake is in crisis’: 50 years of milfoil


If towns around Northwood Lake don’t kick in more money, the local watershed association is going to be bankrupt in two years, its president says, and the responsibility – as the problem grows – will just fall to someone else.

Muskie to be stocked in Lake Champlain


LAKE CHAMPLAIN - Anglers will soon find more of a popular trophy fish in Lake Champlain.

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