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Letters to the Editor

Send Maura back to D.C.

To the Editor: As a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, I have always supported qualified candidates for state and federal office who vowed to champion veterans’ causes. Unfortunately, non-veteran...   0

Letters to the Editor

Mooring permit reform

To the Editor: The wait time for a boat mooring permit in our coastal waters is needlessly extensive. Many folks will never get a permit in their lifetime. Mooring permits for our coastal waters are...   0

Letters to the Editor

Dietsch for State Senate

To the Editor: I am writing in support of Jeanne Dietsch’s candidacy in Senate District 9. Jeanne’s business acumen and her active involvement in promoting business growth, a cleaner...   0

Letters to the Editor

Experience needed

To the Editor: Anyone reviewing applicants for a job looks for relevant work experience. Can they step into the job and immediately get something done?   0

Letters to the Editor

Send a message

To the Editor: The nefarious school board of Conway, which all the citizens of the sending towns misjudged as undereducated, stupid, and incompetent, has ratcheted matters to a new level: corruption.   0

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