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19 Indonesians living in NH receive deportation orders

Staff Report
September 05. 2017 8:04PM

MANCHESTER — Nineteen Indonesians living in New Hampshire, including one with stage-four cancer, received deportation orders when they checked in Tuesday at federal immigration offices in Manchester, an immigration advocacy group said.

The 19 are illegally in the country but check in monthly with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ICE told them to return next month with plane tickets that show a November departure, said Maggie Fogarty, co-director of American Friends Service Committee.

Fogarty said several of the Indonesians brought their children, who are not subject to deportation, with them. The person with cancer is working with a lawyer, Fogarty said.

Most of the Indonesians live in the Seacoast area. ICE has said the Indonesians have exhausted their appeals, and ICE had allowed them to stay in the country for seven years, when one or two years is the norm.

Last month, 23 Indonesians were told to return with plane tickets.

About 150 people held a vigil Tuesday morning outside the federal building, Fogarty said. They included Presbyterian church officials from Kentucky and Sudarshana Devadhar, the bishop overseeing the United Methodist Church in New England.

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