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Meteorologists confirm tornado touched down in NH earlier this month

New Hampshire Union Leader

May 14. 2018 8:09PM

WARNER — A team of meteorologists from the National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado blew through New Hampshire earlier this month, causing damage across more than 30 miles and several communities.

John Jensenius, a warning coordinator meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine, said he and another staffer spent nearly 12 hours in the Granite State on Monday surveying the damage caused by what he said appeared to be an EF1 tornado. Jensenius said the storm took down trees along a 36-mile path beginning in Charlestown and running through Langdon, Acworth, Lempster, Bradford, and Warner, ending somewhere near Route 127 Webster.

“The damage we saw suggests wind speeds between 80 and 100 mph,” said Jensenius. “It followed a fairly narrow path.”

Jensenius said his team observed downed trees and tree limbs, and several damaged vehicles in communities located along the tornado’s path.

On May 4, nearly 41,000 people lost power, with over a dozen utility poles knocked down and needing to be replaced in the Bradford-Warner area alone. Eversource brought in extra crews from Connecticut and Massachusetts to help complete the repair work.

Wind gusts reached 108 mph on the top of Mount Washington during the storm, as a line of thunderstorms passed through the state.

Monday's statement from the National Weather Service can be viewed below:

Public Safety Weather Acworth Bradford Charlestown Langdon Lempster Warner Webster

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