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Blizzard baby: Salem father delivers son in middle of snowstorm

Union Leader Correspondent

March 14. 2018 9:14AM

Logan John Alexander of Salem was born Tuesday in the middle of the snowstorm, delivered by his father Chris. (Chris Alexander Photo)

SALEM — If there’s one thing to say about Logan John Alexander, he sure knows how to make an entrance.

The Alexander family will remember Tuesday’s blizzard for more than just another New England nor’easter, as father Chris Alexander delivered newborn Logan in the midst of the snowstorm while crews with the Salem Fire Department battled whiteout conditions to get to their Porcupine Circle residence.

Alexander later beams when he talks about delivering his son, noting the experience was exciting and terrifying.

“His due date was not for a couple of days, we thought we had some time, but this came outta nowhere,” he said on Tuesday evening, just hours after his second child was born. “There was no real panic mode, except that this is happening and we just got to get it done.”

Both Logan and his mother, Lisana, are doing well, according to family members. Logan was 20 inches and 6 pounds at birth.

“Mom’s great, everyone’s great,” Alexander said. His wife had some early morning labor pains, but they wrote them off as Braxton Hicks contractions.

After several hours, they called the on-call doctor and decided to bundle up in their winter coats and make the slick and snowy trek to the hospital.

One of the Alexanders’ neighbors cleared the driveway with his snowblower to get the family ready to go.

Logan, however, had other ideas.

“The contractions became worse and worse, and we were like, OK, I think we need to call 911 because I’m thinking this might happen now,” Alexander said.

When speaking with the 911 dispatcher, Alexander noticed his child was crowning and “then we knew we had to buckle down and get the room set up because this baby was going to come,” he added.

“I am a phlebotomist, I’m in the medical field so blood doesn’t bother me. I see all that stuff, actually, and I work great in a lab — not that I’m accustomed to delivering babies,” said Alexander, an employee at Elliot Hospital in Manchester. “But it wasn’t something I was afraid to do.”

Paramedics responded shortly before 3 p.m. to the west side of town for the special delivery — crews joked the newborn couldn’t wait for the snowstorm to end before making an appearance.

“Everybody’s doing fine. It took us a little while to get there, but the guys did a real good job,” said Jeffery Emanuelson, fire marshal and deputy chief for the department. “Certainly in weather like this, people are hesitant to head out to the hospital and risk being on the roads unless the birth is imminent, and in this particular case it was and the baby wasn’t going to wait until they got to the hospital.”

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