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DEAR ABBY: I’ve been in a “friend with benefits” relationship for more than a year now. I’m 57 and he’s 79. I was raised a Christian and wanted to save myself for marriage. This is the first time I have loved someone and been the FWB. I’m jealous of his last girlfriend and what they had toge…


GILFORD — Camp Resilience has received a $16,500 grant from the Disabled Veterans National Foundation to support Veteran Women’s Retreats.

DEAR HELOISE: I love avocados, but my husband says they’re nothing but junk food. He claims that there is very little value in a fruit that is basically a lump of fat. Is it true that avocados are fattening and have very little nourishment?


The Attorney General’s Office said it will announce a “significant” update in the investigation into the 2019 disappearance of Harmony Montgomery at a Thursday afternoon news conference.

As the coach of Oklahoma's Little League team noted, if one saw a different player, in a different game, get hit in the head with a pitch and then leave first base to walk to the mound, one "might think he was going out to punch the guy."


WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Wednesday said that inflation is showing signs of moderating but that more work is needed to make consumers’ lives easier.

Jeremy Ryzhonkov was basking in the afterglow. The 11-year-old had just scored a big sale while working his lemonade stand at a busy intersection near his home in Everett, Wash. A man bought about $20 worth of snacks and drinks from Jeremy’s cooler, and the boy planned to use the profits to …

Thursday, August 11, 2022

WE THINK it is clearly in the interest of the New Hampshire beverage industry to join us in supporting a bottle deposit law. This is the only way to honor the pledge in current TV ads to “get every bottle back” for recycling by 2030, which is being pushed by the American Beverage Association. How can that be done without a bottle deposit law? The ads don’t say.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

It is good to see at least a few prominent Democrats speaking out against their party’s current interfering in Republican primary races on behalf of the very candidates they deplore — the disciples of Donald Trump and his phony 2020 election steal strategy. The tactic is worthy of Trump himself.

IT WAS obvious from the first time that I met Karoline Leavitt that she was everything she claims to be. She is a proud New Hampshire native from a small town, growing up in a small business family. She learned at a young age the importance of work, and has carried forth that unrelenting work ethic and a strong sense of personal responsibility. Most people decades older than her do not pos…

WHEN AN old man prepares for open-heart surgery, he maintains a confident demeanor and so does his good wife. He has an excellent surgeon and the procedure has been around since he was a teenager, pioneered by Dr. Walt Lillehei of Minneapolis. All is well. Stay calm and pull your socks up.

Tuesday, August 09, 2022