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Whether they’re at the pool, the park or the supermarket, the five members of the Beck family are almost always matching.

I have a 2007 Mercury Marquis. The A/C never can make up its mind as to where to direct the air flow. It comes out the dashboard vents, then changes its mind and sends the air out the defrost vent. Then to the floor.

DETROIT — The 2020 Ford Explorer will offer tires that patch their own holes. Drivers may not even know they ran over a nail, but here’s what they should know:

2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Limited: A second chance at a first impression.


A year after shutting all its U.S. stores, Toys R Us is making a comeback.


Mortgage rates rose this week spurred largely by rising optimism about the Federal Reserve’s possible move at the end of the month to cut short-term interest rates.

MIAMI — For Rob Buscemi, 32, the price was right for living with a total stranger.

A massive wave of homeowners now has an incentive to refinance their mortgages and they could find the process faster than it’s been in recent memory thanks to technology improvements.

More Americans are living mortgage free.