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DEAR HELOISE: Recently the federal government shut down a fake website that was peddling a cure for COVID-19. In fact, there have been several sites claiming to have a cure. These “cures” are not only ineffective, but in some cases may be dangerous. This disease needs more time and study bef…

DEAR ABBY: My wife and I lost our son to suicide a few years ago. We have never gotten over it. I have recovered somewhat and would like to resume having intimate relations, but she’s not that far along.

A Columbia man was hurt while using his all-terrain vehicle for yard work. 


Massachusetts nursing homes have shut out visitors for 10 weeks in an effort to curb coronavirus cases in hard-hit long-term care facilities. Visitors are now allowed back — with restrictions.


The S&P 500 lost ground on Thursday as investors took profits in advance of Friday’s jobs report, ending a four-day rally driven by rising economic sentiment.


WASHINGTON/CHICAGO — American Airlines Group Inc. shares jumped more than 40% on Thursday after announcing a big boost to U.S. flights next month following dramatic cuts caused by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as some leadership changes to cut costs.

I was sitting in a presentation reviewing software solutions with a client, and it dawned on me that any of these products would work great. The sheer technology leaps we have made are truly astounding – so many ideas, quickly brought to market, and this is only the beginning.


EBay raised its forecast for revenue and earnings in the current quarter as people flock to the online marketplace amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has left most physical stores shuttered for more than two months.

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