CONCORD — Child protective services workers in New Hampshire could use more overtime pay to address their unusually large caseloads, but a review of payroll data at the Division for Children, Youth and Families reveals that much of the agency’s budget for overtime goes to a small group of su…

Our annual Top 10 Things is packed with information about places to go and things to do this summer in New Hampshire.


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DEAR DOCS: I have a bad reaction to statins, and I hate taking them.


Dump and donate both begin with “D,” but that’s about all they have in common.


The maneuver forces another delay for the legislation, which has been bogged down by various disagreements for months.


Why recommend a $20 device when you can set your smartphone to play one of the many apps that produce sleep sounds?


Q: I’ve used LinkedIn, the social network for business people, for years. 

Help us honor veterans in an upcoming special publication by sharing a photo of a veteran or someone currently serving. Email your photo to and it will be published for free on July 5 if received by Friday, June 28. Please include the veteran’s name, branch, rank and city or town, and state if outside New Hampshire.
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