Retired Hudson police sergeant Donna Briggs was riding her bicycle to train for the upcoming Police Unity Tour when authorities said she was hit by a driver who left the scene. As authorities searched for the driver, who state police said late Wednesday may have been driving a blue GMC Yukon made between 2000 and 2006, those who knew Briggs mourned for a respected former officer who was dedicated to keeping the memory of others alive through her Police Unity Tour rides.

A B-2 bomber mission marked a first for the stealth aircraft with a recent extended deployment in Iceland, where a strategic base is rediscovering its significance to facilitate military missions across the broader Arctic.

When "Baskets & Butterflies" was unfolded and could be seen in all its glory on the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza stage, master quilter Beverley MacGown's handiwork got a round of applause, and so did she.

Dear Readers: When you bring a new flat-screen TV into your home, the screen has to be handled carefully when cleaning. Read the manufacturer’s manual to find out how you should clean and care for it. Some screens have an anti-glare coating that could be damaged by some cleaners.

DEAR ABBY: I drive a classic car to work every day at a construction site. Since I began working there this summer, people often ask me about selling it. Most of the time I take it as a compliment and tell them it is not for sale currently, but the same people often continue to ask. It is st…


WASHINGTON — The United States on Wednesday promised to buy 500 million more COVID-19 vaccine doses to donate to other countries as it comes under increasing pressure to share its supply with the rest of the world.


Police and FBI agents resumed their search of a swampy Florida wilderness for Gabby Petito’s fiance on Wednesday, one day after a woman’s body found in a Wyoming national park was identified as that of the missing 22-year-old travel blogger.

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Perhaps the public should report the Biden administration for child abuse. The filthy and unhealthy conditions in which illegal immigrant children, and adults, have been living under a bridge in Texas have been known to all.

It stands to reason that people in professions that deal with children are much more likely to notice, and take action, when child abuse or neglect is suspected. It is one reason why complaints of this sort to welfare agencies were down noticeably when many schools reverted to remote learnin…

I’VE BOUGHT many copies of Mary Oliver’s poems, Devotions, and on Friday I gave away the last so now I’m ordering more. I gave it to a friend whose description of brushing his dogs’ teeth reminded me of Oliver’s description of a grasshopper sitting in her hand and eating sugar, the jaws movi…