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DEAR ABBY: My parents are divorced. My father, who I’m sure loves me in his own way, is super controlling and manipulative. He wasn’t nice to my older siblings, either. He constantly lied and blamed others for his abusive behavior, which made me hate them. He constantly claimed Mom cheated o…

Collins elevated to VP with Day’s Jewelers


LOS ANGELES — “Bullet Train,” a John Wick-ian romp with Brad Pitt in the aisle seat, arrived in theaters with a $30.1 million opening weekend. That’s enough to top the domestic box office chart, but it’s only a so-so result given “Bullet Train’s” $90 million price tag and Pitt’s star power. …


BORGO VIRGILIO, Italy — Heatwaves sweeping Europe this summer have brought not just record high temperatures and scorched fields: the drought-stricken waters of Italy’s River Po are running so low they revealed a previously submerged World War II bomb.


TAIPEI — Chinese and Taiwanese warships played high seas “cat and mouse” on Sunday ahead of the scheduled end of four days of unprecedented Chinese military exercises launched in reaction to a visit to Taiwan by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


GAZA/JERUSALEM — Israel and Palestinian militants agreed to a Cairo-mediated truce to take effect late on Sunday, sources said, raising hopes of an end to the most serious flare-up on the Gaza frontier in more than a year.


Cold brews on the baseball field will be here soon — mark your calendar for Saturday, Aug. 20, so you can make it to the 8th annual Gate City Brewfest at Holman Stadium.

Defense giant BAE has named its first female chairman.

Monday, August 08, 2022

WHAT DEFINES a community? Is it a location, a value system, a bit of both? Should something be called a “community center” when the people who live there don’t want it? Can you claim to be building “community” when you don’t inform abutters, the residents who would be most impacted?

Sunday, August 07, 2022

The need for more housing options in Manchester is clear, and turning the underused Pearl Street parking lot into a four-to-six-story complex makes sense. But we are surprised that the Board of Mayor and Aldermen were so quick to approve in the same plan the transformation of the Hartnett lot on Chestnut Street. The complex to be built there will change forever what has long been a handsom…

POSTCARDS from the great American labor shortage: A couple arrives at the Seattle airport after a five-hour flight and stands in line at the car rental desk. People are angry. At the desk sits a harassed employee explaining that he simply has no cars of any kind to rent. Nothing. Why? There aren't enough employees on hand to vacuum, wash, fuel and process the cars.