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DEAR ABBY: I recently lost my mom. We were extremely close, and she was the most wonderful grandmother to my children. My mother-in-law and my husband have a strained relationship that I have struggled to navigate for years. I have always reached out to her and made sure she sees the grandchildren.

DEAR HELOISE: I love reading “Hints from Heloise” in the Riverside, Calif., Press-Enterprise. In a recent column, I read about a reader’s recommendation to put up dog waste stations in neighborhoods, and I think it’s a great idea. Those stations do have a drawback, though.

ACCORDING to the National Compensation Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 55% of employees participate in a retirement plan at work. This plan is often the largest asset an individual has and one of the most important. If you are a participant, managing your retirement plan carefull…


Nestled in Pennsylvania’s York County, Here With Us Farm Sanctuary is a permanent home for farm animals. Founder and caretaker Amanda Clark walks the grounds each morning, checking on the sanctuary’s 93 rescued animals. Cows, turkeys, pigs and other farm animals that were once abused or negl…

Hugh Downs, whose congeniality and authoritative manner allowed him to move between the world of game shows and network news, has died at the age of 99, according to media reports.

This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, June 29.

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