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Digital Marketing Services - Rates and Options

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Solutions to help your business grow online

We are a local multi-media advertising company providing digital solutions to small and medium sized businesses. We give you a leg up to keep pace with the continually changing industry of digital marketing to compete with the big guys and reach more potential customers. Team with Union Leader Media Solutions to best leverage the internet in your favor and avoid common pitfalls in developing your web presence.

Local businesses today have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with consumers, but who has the time or resources to figure out how to take advantage of this opportunity and run a business? As digital solutions specialists, we have access to technology and resources that may be impractical for smaller companies to tackle on their own. We give you better data and better results delivered with continued customer support for your company’s success in the ever-changing digital landscape. Let us be your guide - we keep you informed on the best ways to market your business on the web so you don’t have to.



 Social Marketing Strategy and Management Plans (Monthly, 6 month minimum)

Effectively managing your social media channels increases social reach and attracts new prospects. We will create an online strategy, a monthly content plan and a schedule based upon pursuing your online goals. The plan will detail suggested content, reasoning and timing for each of your channels.
Social Management Plan 1$399.00
Includes 3 Social Media Channels - 1 Premium and up to 2 basic channels, Online Marketing Strategy, Includes $25 Social Paid Ads 
Social Management Plan 2$599.00
Includes 3 Social Media Channels - 1 Premium and up to 2 basic channels, Online Marketing Strategy, Includes $25 Social Paid Ads 
Social Management Plan 3*$899.00
Includes 5 Social Media Channels - 3 Premium and up to 2 basic channels, Online Marketing Strategy, Includes $100 Social Paid Ads 
*Additional channels added to Plan 3
(price per channel)

 Strategy Only and Training fees (One time fees)

Online Marketing Strategy - Level 1$1,500.00
Online Marketing Strategy - Level 2$2,500.00
Online Marketing Training
(Per Channel - One Webinar)

 Claiming and Customizing Fees (One time fees)

Premium Channel Set-up Fees$375.00
Basic Channel Set-up Fees$295.00
Custom Facebook Tabs$175.00

 Monthly Package pricing (One channel, either Google+ or Facebook, see sell sheet for details)

Get Found$299.00
Get Social$399.00
Get Found and Social$599.00

 Blog Management

Blog Setup (one time fee)$400.00
Blog Management Plan 1 (two posts per month, 6 months minimum)$299.00
Blog Management Plan 2 (four posts per month, 6 months minimum)$499.00

 Native/Content Marketing

Per Article$210.00
Per Article (4 or more)$190.00
Press Release Writing (Per Release)$90.00
PR DistributionCustom Quote

 Email Management (Additional platform fees may apply)

Email Marketing Setup (one time fee)$400.00
Email Management (up to two emails a month, 6 months minimum)$219.00

 Video Services

Slide show up to :90 Seconds w/Voice-over & music (one time fee)$250.00
Additional time in :30 second intervals (one time fee)$90.00
Upload and Optimize videos to YouTube (Up to 5)(one time fee)$155.00

 Sweepstakes and Contests (One time for content duration)

Sweepstakes - single sponsor ($200 in paid ads)$750.00
Additional sweepstakes sponsors$200.00
Photo/Video submission contest ($200 in paid ads)$1,200.00
Additional Photo/Video submission sponsors$350.00
Additional contest typesCustom Quote

 Reputation Management, Reviews, and Directory Listings

Review Generation Set-Up Fees (one time fee)$500.00
Reputation Management, Directory Listings & Review Generation (6 months minimum)$399.00
Reputation Management & Directory Listings (6 months minimum)$125.00
DIY Reputation Management Tool - per year$400.00
Reputation Management Tool & Directory Listings (DIY - Client Access to tool, no mgmt.) per year 

 On-Site Only SEO (See Search Engine Optimization Sell Sheet for package details.)

Website - 5 Page$1,200.00
Website - Mobile Site (mobile only not responsive) (one time fee)$325.00
Website/Mobile - Additional Page$150.00
11+ page websitesCustom Quote
E-commerce add-onCustom Quote
Website - Copy writing (per page, one time fee)$100.00
Website - Maintenance Package (monthly fee)$120.00
Website - Hosting (does not include hosting e-mail) (monthly fee)$20.00
Website - Landing page (per page, one time fee)$249.00
Domain Registration & HostingCustom Quote

 On-Site Only SEO (See Search Engine Optimization Sell Sheet for package details

On-site Implementation Charge (one time fee)$375.00
5 Keywords (one time fee)$475.00
10 Keywords (one time fee)$750.00
15 Keywords (one time fee)$1,200.00
20 Keywords (one time fee)$1,700.00

 Active Local SEO (See Search Engine Optimization Sell Sheet for package details)

Local 5 (monthly fee)$500.00
Local 10 (monthly fee)$950.00
Local 15 (monthly fee)$1,750.00
Local 20 (monthly fee)$2,350.00

 Paid Advertising (SEM, Social Ads, Display Ads)

Social PPC setup (please specify channel) (one time fee)$100.00
Search Engine Campaign (one time fee)$250.00
Social & Search Engine Ad Management Fees (monthly fee)$30.00
Call Tracking (monthly fee)$12.00
Display & Retargeting CampaignsCustom Quote