With constant changes in the marketing world, businesses are faced with the challenge of how to best reach their customers. While there are many mediums to choose from, newspapers are still the most worthwhile investment in the advertising world.

Newspaper advertising offers many significant benefits that the internet, television, and radio can't offer.

Here are ways that advertising in the New Hampshire Union Leader can benefit your business:

Better targeting: Newspapers utilize sections, releases, and inserts that target audiences for specific areas, groups, or seasons.

Build a reputation: Newspapers work hard to build a loyal customer base through positive relationships. By advertising in a newspaper, you can build your reputation simply through association.

Better reach: While the attention span of an internet user is 8 seconds, newspaper readers spend more time reviewing advertisements and statistically have more purchasing power.

Flexible advertising: Advertisers can choose the exact size, location, and design for their ad. They can also change the advertisement as needed by working directly with the newspaper staff.

More affordable: Newspaper advertising typically costs less per thousand readers than many other forms of marketing. In addition, it offers many options to meet advertising needs and can be customized to meet different budgets.

Offers trust: Newspapers report 58% more trust for news than any other medium, with online coming in at just 27%. If you’re interested in gaining a relationship of trust with customers, newspapers are a great way to achieve that.

Offers options for extras: A newspaper is large but limited. This gives companies a second option to post an additional advertisement or highlight a special they may be running. People love coupons and newspapers are a great way to publish a coupon or special.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits for advertising in your local newspaper and we can’t wait to build the perfect advertisement for your company. Contact Union Leader to get started today.