You may hear business owners questioning whether a blog is crucial for their success. The answer depends on whether you want to gain search engine rankings and provide your customers with unlimited resources that reel them into your sales cycle. Usually, the answer is yes!

Having a blog not only allows your business to have a resource area for your ideal customers, but it provides you with additional ways to interact with leads, give your customers an inside look at your business, and tell stories from past clients that may help with lead closing.

When you use your blog for storytelling, this allows your customers to engage with a real person. Studies have shown that people prefer to engage with real people over companies simply because companies come off as more salesy than many would like.

You can also use your blog to start conversations and get viral traction on your company. When done right, you’ll open conversations that give you more benefit than if a client were to make a purchase.

Is there a lot of work to set up a blog on my site?

If you’ve decided that you want to put a blog on your site and build your content marketing strategy, your next question is usually whether that involves a lot or little work.

In short, most website themes already have a blog coded into them. That makes it simple to turn this feature on and add the page to your menu bar so you can start publishing your posts.

If you don’t have a blog included in your theme, it will take a bit more to make this feature possible. It’s likely you may not have a developer on your team who can code this feature for you. No worries! The Union Leader development team can help. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss the best options.

How much content should I post to my blog?

After you’ve set your blog up, your next step is to write content that you can publish online. Most businesses start with one blog post per month, then increase to two per month, and ultimately work their way to one post per week.

Regardless of how much or little you post, you should consistently post around the same time each month or week to gain the benefits of organic search engine results.

Search engines like to see companies that are actively updating their content. What they don’t like to see is content that’s updated and copied from another source or poorly put together. Make sure all content you write sticks to a schedule and a content plan.

Build a content strategy

Are you ready to take your content marketing strategy to the next level, or better yet, build a content strategy that aligns with your ideal customer? Union Leader’s marketing team can help. Our content marketing strategy team will help you build a strategy, content outline, and focus keyword list to ensure you’re creating content that your audience raves about and that brings in leads organically. Contact Union Leader today!