LONZEE, Belgium — A Belgian chocolate company that put white masks on its Easter bunnies a year ago is now producing large chocolate syringes as it tries to keep step with the evolving trend of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s a symbol of hope and that’s why I decided to create the (chocolate) vaccine,” said company founder Genevieve Trepant.

Cocoatree, based in Lonzee, a village about 30 miles south of Brussels, has dubbed its chocolate syringes “L’Atch’a Azteka,” a combination of the sound of a sneeze and ancient chocolate consumers, the Aztecs.

“A chocolate vaccine has a huge number of positive effects,” Trepant added. “It’s an anti-depressant. It has magnesium. Chocolate has many advantages, as people know, and above all it boosts the morale of the troops.”