Terrapin Glass: Mother-daughter team sells blown-glass ornaments, figurines and more, perfect for the hard-to-buy-for people on your list.

DOMINIQUE CAISSIE was studying to be a mental health counselor when she started taking glass blowing classes just for fun. Ten years later, she finds herself, along with her mother Anne Marie, the proprietor of a popular glass blowing studio in Jaffrey featuring ornaments, figurines and other blown glass object d’art.

“Usually people are just looking for one-of-a-kind handmade things when they come here,” said Caissie, 30. “Everything has a little bit of a personality. We do some production items, but we don’t use molds and we don’t really use calipers, we just kind of let things be as they are.

“So you might have pumpkins of the same color but they all have their own personality. We do the same with our ornaments. A bunch of different items here that are really unique.”

Caissie also admits, that they are “really into critters.”

“So we have a lot of little turtles and little stretchy cats and dogs and birds,” she said. “We have dragonflies and bears — we have a lot of fun with the animals.”

Just the same, she said they also like to delve into other seasonal inspirations such as the fall-inspired pumpkins, apples and acorns. Around the holidays, however, Caissie said the ornaments they make and sell are very popular.

“People come and get a new one every year, and every year we do kind of different coloring patterns,” Caissie said.

Other than the ornaments though, Caissie said she’s hard pressed to say what her most popular sellers are.

“Usually when people come here, they are getting all different things,” she said. “They are really looking for something unique and special for people who may be a little bit hard to buy for.”

To that end, she also sells quite a few gift certificates which can be used toward the various classes and workshops they offer at the studio. Additionally, she often has customers use the classes as an activity for the whole family to do together while they are in town for the holidays.

“And that’s a wonderful experience,” she said. “It’s a gift that they can all do together.”

Terrapin Glassblowing Studio is located at 79 Hadley Road in Jaffrey, in the building with the turtle mural. The gift shop and studio is open Wednesday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and closed Monday and Tuesday. They also offer free tours and demonstrations. For more information, visit www.TerrapinGlass.com, call 593-5073 or email info@TerrapinGlass.com.