May snow

Frank and Julie Rouine, who own a weekend home on Hampton Beach, bundled up for their walk along Ocean Boulevard Monday afternoon.

It’s the middle of May and snow is in the forecast, but Tom Heath isn’t about to panic.

“I don’t worry about the weather too much. If I did I would go crazy,” said Heath, owner of Heath’s Greenhouse and Nursery in Sugar Hill — a northern New Hampshire town overlooking the White Mountain National Forest.

A spring coastal storm is expected to bring a rare snow event to northern areas Monday night and Tuesday with the possibility of some snow coating the ground even closer to the coast.

The National Weather Service issued winter weather advisories for Coos and northern Grafton and northern Carroll counties where 1 to 3 inches of snow could fall in the valleys with as much as 6 to 12 inches in areas above 2,000 feet.

The storm will deliver a chilly rain to central and southern parts of the state, but even there it could mix with snow and cover grassy surfaces.

The latest measurable snowfall on record in Concord was May 13, 1914, when half an inch fell.

“It’s just anomalous for this time of year,” said William Watson, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine.

Watson said it is generally difficult for snow to accumulate in May around here given the higher sun angle and warmer weather, but so far this spring has delivered below normal temperatures.

Concord’s normal high for Tuesday is 68, but temperatures are only expected to reach the low 40s.

Watson said there’s a good chance Concord will break its record lowest high temperature for the date, which is currently 47 set on May 14, 1948.

A warming trend is in the forecast for later this week and into the weekend when temperatures will likely rise into the mid-60s, which is more normal for this time of year.

With Memorial Day weekend only a couple of weeks away, beach-goers are getting antsy for some warmer weather.

Temperatures in the 40s on Monday with a brisk wind made for a chilly day at Hampton Beach.

Despite the cool spring weather, some people bundled up in coats and hats and ventured out for a brisk walk.

“You can’t not love the beach, I don’t care what time of year it is,” said Pelham resident Shelby Holyoke, who walked along Ocean Boulevard with her boyfriend, Marty Cummings, after spending the weekend at the beach.

Frank and Julie Rouine of Dracut, Mass., have a weekend home on Ocean Boulevard and kept their hoods pulled over their heads while they took a walk.

They said the spring weather hasn’t been great, but they’re making the best of it.

“We live in New England. It’s OK. Last year it was similar. We went right into summer. When you’re up here you have to think about the positives,” Julie said.

Heath, of Heath’s Greenhouse and Nursery, shared a similar positive attitude even as he faced the possibility of covering plants to protect them from the May snowstorm.

He’s lived in the area for 70 years and remembered a year about 45 years ago when he saw frost every month.

“The weather is odd and all we can do is wait until it breaks,” he said.