He was the runt of the litter, half the size of the other puppies, but he was adorable. Something stirred in Amy Vangemert’s heart, and she decided he was meant to be with her. She named him Buhner after the Seattle Mariners’ right-fielder Jay Buhner and promptly fell madly in love.

According to the Mountain Lion Foundation, the mountain lion — Puma concolor or Felis concolor — is known as a cougar or panther, depending on the region. Native Americans have more than 40 names for the animal, according to writer Claude T. Barnes.

HAMPTON — Professional and amateur pooches are competing this weekend in a DockDogs canine aquatics competition hosted by Smuttynose Brewing Company.

There is a $1 per month late fee. Owners could also face a $25 civil forfeiture fee with a service fee of $7. If the forfeiture fee isn’t paid within 15 days, owners could end up in court and be slapped with a fine of $50.