Kitten shot with crossbow

Wolfie, a Laconia kitten, has to have a rear leg amputated after being shot with a crossbow on Tuesday.

LACONIA — City police are investigating a report that a domestic cat was maimed when it was shot with a crossbow bolt.

According to a page on launched by Liz Carmignani of Laconia, her juvenile cat “Wolfie” suffered extensive damage to one of his hind legs on Tuesday.

She credits the actions of an emergency veterinary hospital with saving the animal’s life.

“He endured a surgery to remove the arrow but needs to be transported to Concord (May 1) to have his leg amputated,” she wrote in the post that has a goal of raising $3,000 to pay for the medical care for the black and white short-haired cat.

She believes someone shot him with a crossbow, based on the bolt-style projectile that pierced the inside of his thigh and came out at the top of his hip.

In seven hours, 70 people had donated more than half the amount Carmignani hoped to raise.

“It’s under investigation. But we’re not going to have any further comment right now,” said Laconia police dispatcher Ken Smith.

“My focus will turn to catching this person once I can bring my baby home,” Carmignani wrote.

Efforts to contact her via social media were unsuccessful.