Photo: 190320-news-deerrescue

Derry firefighters pull a deer from a frozen pond Tuesday morning. Police euthanized the animal.

DERRY — Firefighters and police rescued a deer from a frozen pond Tuesday morning, only to euthanize it after determining it had suffered a mortal wound overnight.

“It’s terrible to see an animal suffer,” said Fire Battalion Chief Bill Gillis. “I think it’s always sad to lose a life.”

Gillis said emergency workers responded to a report of a deer through the ice behind 52 Windham Road just after 10 a.m. They arrived a minute later and firefighters in ice rescue suits pulled the struggling deer from the ice by hand. They used ropes to pull the animal to shore.

“But it was mortally wounded. It appeared to be from a coyote attack,” Gillis said.

Gillis said the deer suffered significant wounds to its hind quarters and compound fractures to its back legs. A trail of blood led to the hole where the deer was found.

It’s believed the deer was attacked overnight and was either cornered on the ice or seeking refuge after an attack.

Gillis said state Fish and Game officers were unavailable to assist Tuesday morning.

Ultimately, first responders euthanized the animal with the help of police, Gillis said.