Farmington moose found stuck in swimming pool

This young bull moose was found stuck in a Farmington swimming pool Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019.

FARMINGTON – Police were called to Morning Dove Lane on Tuesday morning after a young bull moose was found stuck in a swimming pool.

Chief Jay Drury said they were called to the house about 9 a.m. after a neighbor watching over the house realized why the chickens there were riled up.

“The chickens were making a racket and that’s when she noticed the moose in the pool,” Drury said.

The moose was in no danger of drowning, as the homeowners had drained the pool because they plan to remove it, Drury said.

Police called New Hampshire Fish and Game to the scene, but the moose had figured out how to get himself out before they arrived, Drury said.

The moose, which was uninjured, walked up the pool stairs on its own after officers backed off, the chief said.

“It strolled away. It was in no rush to go anywhere,” Drury said, noting it was his first call for a moose in a pool.

Conservation Officer Ron Arsenault from Fish and Game said that an empty pool can be dangerous for wildlife. If the moose had broken its leg falling in, they would have had to put it down.

If the pool was full, it would have been able to swim, as moose swim all the time, Arsenault said.

The conservation officer said that he relayed that message to the woman watching over the home so she could let the owners know.