Claremont Cat rescued from beating

Purrango was rescued over the weekend after it was reportedly beaten by a group of children in the Pleasant Street area.

CLAREMONT — A Claremont cat named Purrango was rescued on Saturday from a beating by a group of children, according to Claremont Animal Control Officer Cathy Sullivan.

Purrango was brought to the Sullivan County Humane Society’s shelter on Saturday afternoon after Sullivan managed to get the cat. An area family called Sullivan after they reportedly witnessed a circle of children swarming the cat in an alley off Pleasant Street, beating the animal, according to a Humane Society statement.

Sullivan said by the time she got to the area, there were two children harming the cat. While she was able to rescue the cat, she was unable to apprehend the children.

“We saw them with the cat,” she said. “They took off on us.”

Sullivan, who works for the city of Claremont and surrounding communities, declined to answer further questions. She did confirm the Humane Society’s statement on the incident. The Humane Society’s statement claims the children hurled obscenities at Sullivan as she saved the cat.

The Humane Society monitored the cat over the weekend for signs of serious injury.

The society staff is asking anyone with information to contact them at 542-3277.

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