Photo: 181202-news-snowyowl

Snowy Owls are starting to migrate into the Seacoast area for the winter. People are advised to keep their distance from them.

RYE — Police are sharing tips on how to enjoy the beauty of snowy owls while not disturbing them in their habitat as the birds begin arriving on the Seacoast for the winter.

Snowy owls attract considerable attention from photographers and nature enthusiasts in Rye, but officials emphasize that people should remember these birds are stressed by hunger and cold temperatures, so it is important to not get too close to them.

According to experts at New Hampshire Audubon in Concord, it is best to watch these birds from a vehicle, if possible. Otherwise, observers should stay at least 100 feet away.

“It is possible to love owls to death. Flushed birds have collided with stationary objects, and once airborne they attract the attention of crows, gulls and hawks, which will pursue and harass them, reducing opportunities to hunt,” officials wrote in a guide for viewing snowy owls.

Last year, snowy owls were spotted on Rye Ledge, at Rye Harbor State Park and in sand dunes south of Hampton Harbor in Seabrook.

New Hampshire Audubon’s rare bird alert for last week shows a snowy owl was also seen Nov. 23 along McIntyre Road in Newington.