How emu-sing.

Police in Scottsdale, Ariz. sprang into action Tuesday morning to capture an escaped emu that was ruffling feathers.

After a short chase and some assistance from other residents, Scottsdale Police officers were able to lure the animal close with some bird feed and lasso it near, naturally, Roadrunner Drive.

“As he was sitting there eating, they come in with the lasso and get it over him. They get both sides to be able to lasso him. He stood right up and they walked him out and right into the trailer,” Sgt. Matt Pearson told Fox 10 Phoenix.

The bird is currently being held at a station until its owners pick it up.

The incident was at least the fourth escaped emu report that required police intervention in the city since 2019.

Emus have grown in popularity as pets due to their gentle nature and lack of flight. However, they can run about 30 miles an hour at top speed, making catching an escaped one a difficult task.

Friday, September 18, 2020
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