The coronavirus has triggered thousands of internet searches for Corona beer by people who think there’s a connection between the two.

A case of Corona means different things to different people.

Concerned about the outbreak of the Wuhan, China-born coronavirus, internet users worldwide have taken to their keyboards to search for information on “beer virus” and “corona beer virus,” according to data published by Google Trends.

Corona beer has nothing to do with the deadly respiratory infection that has afflicted 6,000 people this year, according to Web MD. More than 130 victims have died.

Australians and North Americans have largely searched “beer virus” in their online inquiries. In Mexico, where Corona beer is brewed, “Corona beer virus” is the far more popular search terms. Only 1/3 of beer-minded Spaniards dabbling in medical research in recent days have searched for the so-called “beer virus” by a brand name.

Simpler Google searches for “coronavirus symptoms” reportedly spiked 1,050% last week following the outbreak of the deadly strain of viruses, which affects birds and mammals.

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