The new world record in under ice swimming near Teplice

A referee shows a white card to confirm a world record set by Czech free-diver David Vencl in under-ice swimming on Tuesday in the village of Lahost, near the city of Teplice, Czech Republic. Vencl swam nearly 266 feet under ice in a lake at a former quarry without using any support gear, wearing just a swimsuit.

LAHOST, Czech Republic — Czech free-diver David Vencl swam 265.75 feet beneath the ice on Tuesday, breaking the world record after braving the freezing water wearing only a swimsuit.

“This will do,” Vencl said after emerging from his minute-and-half swim in water measured at temperatures of 37 degrees Fahrenheit and pumping his fist in celebration.

The 38-year-old changed the location for the record attempt to a former quarry in Lahost, northwest of Prague, from a glacial lake in Austria due to COVID restrictions which made international travel difficult.

Vencl, who dropped into the water through one hole cut in the one-foot-thick ice before emerging from another, beat the previous record of 250 feet set by Denmark’s Stig Avall Severinsen in October 2017 in southern Greenland.

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