The owner of a Florida barbecue restaurant was arrested after he allegedly physically attacked a man he suspected of posting negative Yelp reviews of his establishment.

According to The Smoking Gun, Daniel Ahrens, 60, jumped the victim and struck him several times outside a residence in Largo, a town west of Tampa, on Tuesday night.

After two negative reviews were posted on the Yelp page for Georgia Boy’s Bar B-Que on Monday, Ahrens reportedly went to see the victim, who is allegedly the son of Ahrens’ girlfriend. The victim went to speak to his mother about “threatening” calls and texts from Ahrens about ‘wanting to beat his a--’ about a ‘restaurant review.’”

The arrest affadvit did not state how Ahrens deduced the victim was responsible for the negative reviews, however Ahrens allegedly threatened and physically assaulted the victim’s mother multiple times over the summer.

When Ahrens arrived at the home, the mother opened the door and Ahrens ran after the victim who ran outside the house. After Ahrens chased him, the victim fell on the ground and Ahrends “jumped on top of him and struck him several times while the victim covered his face with his arms.”

Ahrens was arrested for battery and released from Pinellas County jail Wednesday morning after posting $500 bond on the misdemeanor charge.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Tuesday, October 20, 2020