150 million-year old skeleton of an Allosaurus on auction

Visitors look at the skeleton of an Allosaurus that lived in what is now Wyoming more than 150 million years ago. The skeleton is now on display at Drouot auction house in Paris, France.

PARIS — The near-complete skeleton of a carnivorous dinosaur which roamed the earth around 150 million years ago was sold at a Paris auction house on Tuesday for $3.52 million.

The skeleton of the Allosaurus dinosaur, dug up in the state of Wyoming three years ago, went to an unnamed foreign buyer for well in excess of the starting price.

“This is a high grade specimen,” said Iacopo Briano, a paleontologist who acted as a consultant to the Binoche et Giquello auction house which conducted the sale.

The specimen is unusual because it is so complete: around 70% of the bones are present, and they were found aligned with each other, making it easier to reconnect them during the restoration process.

The restored skeleton stands 11 feet high. The ribcage bears the marks of what the auctioneers said may have been an attack by a rival Allosaurus or a predator.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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