MANCHESTER — The Made in NH Expo will showcase locally produced products and services this weekend at DoubleTree by Hilton Expo Center.

When my mother drives her car, the alarm goes off and the theft deterrent light comes on. Then the car will barely run. When this happens, the power steering light, the brake light and even the tire pressure light will come on.

This month’s Geneva Motor Show has proved nothing if not glamorous. And, like the lady serving $40 hamburgers at a roadside diner put it, “Life in Geneva is expensive.” She might have been talking about the burgers, but the statement applies to the cars here, too.

VHB, a Watertown, Mass.-based civil engineering firm, has acquired The Johnson Company, a 30-person environmental science and engineering firm that has offices in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. Established in 1978, JCO specializes in assessment and remediation of complex contaminated site…

There’s a global skills shortage in surveying – so to attract the next generation to our profession NSPS is running a long-term "Get Kids Into Survey" campaign.

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