Brendan Finn with Roger Sevigny, left, and Jim Adams, right

Brendan Finn with Roger Sevigny, left, and Jim Adams, right

Council Member, State Veterans Council;

Business Development, BAE Systems;

U.S. Marine Corps, Reserve

Birthplace: Boston

Family: Wife, Sarah; son (3) and daughter (18 months)

High school: Boston College High School

College/post grad degrees: Holy Cross: Undergrad; Georgetown University: Master of Public Policy Management; University of New Hampshire: Master of Business Administration

Why did you choose your profession?

I joined the Marine Corps because I thought we were losing the war in Iraq and that I should try to help. I had no reason to think I could, but the Marine Corps shapes “citizens into whose hands the nation’s affairs may safely be entrusted.” Similarly, I have a passion for helping veterans find purpose, but I’m not in the same league as the other members of the State Veterans Council, Roger Sevigny (in photo, at left) and Jim Adams (in photo, at right). It’s a testament to Gov. Sununu’s commitment to involving our generation in public service that he appointed me to join them.

What motivates you to give back to your community?

I believe that I owe it to the country to reinvest the training and formative leadership experiences it provided me through military service. I also believe that we need to reconceive veterans as community assets rather than broken or as heroes. Doing so will help veterans to find purpose and our communities to find effective leaders.

What would you like to be doing when you’re 40?

I hope I’m still on the State Veterans Council. It was created in 1943 to connect veterans and their families with benefits earned in WWII. Its mission has endured; it oversees the Office of Veterans Services, a state agency that returns $63 million in federal veterans’ benefits to New Hampshire and has 7,000 contacts with veterans a year. The outstanding work done by Director Bill Gaudreau, and his team of eight dedicated Veterans Service Officers, is inspiring.

Volunteer activities: New Hampshire State Veterans Council, Troops to Trades.

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