Master Police Officer, Patrol Division, Concord Police; Advanced Tap Instructor/Assistant Director of Productions, Creative Dance Workshop

Birthplace: Woburn, Mass.

Family: Husband, Peter Richard; two dogs, Onyx, a black lab, and Topaz, a mini pin and Pekingese mix; brother, William Dexter Jr. (retired Concord P.D. currently works for Merrimack County Sheriff’s); parents-in-law, Fred and Linda Richard (of Raymond); nieces and nephews, Kevin Dukas, Colin Dexter, Ryan Dukas, Molly Dexter and Deanna Dukas; sister, Leeann Dukas (of Woburn, Mass.); and parents, William Dexter Sr. and Donna Dexter (of Woburn, Mass.).

High school: Woburn, Mass., High School

College/post grad degrees: Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Norwich University, The Military College of Vermont

What is the best career advice you ever received?

Sgt. Tim King, Concord Police, one of my life and career mentors, told me as a young officer: “Building a relationship of trust with your community will allow you to engage with the community in a way that will benefit both them and you for years to come.” I will never forget this, and I work every day to continue to build the trust between not only myself and the community, but the CPD and the law enforcement profession and the citizens we serve.

Why did you choose your profession?

I chose to be a police officer at a young age for two reasons. First, because my brother William was also an officer, and second, because I wanted to enter a career where I could directly help people in their time of need. Many of my college friends decided to serve in the military and I felt that I needed to serve our country in a different way.

What motivates you to give back to your community?

I have been very fortunate to build a comfortable life for my family and I want to use my talents to help others who are less fortunate. Seeing the results of the work that I do with the Crisis Center of Central N.H. is extremely rewarding.

What advice would you give your 22-year-old self?

Do not ever settle for status quo and always work to achieve perfection, not just the minimum standards.

What would you like to be doing when you’re 40?

I want to be a leader in my department and community, someone that others can come to when they need help, or just a sounding board. I want to be the person that people come to when they feel there is no where else to turn. I want to be the beacon of hope for those who need help seeing the light.

Volunteer activities: Chairman of the Walk A Mile Event for the Crisis Center of Central N.H.; past Secretary/Treasurer of the Concord Police Patrolman’s Association; past President and current Secretary of the Dance Teachers’ Club of Boston and The American Society; past Board of Directors Vice President for Friends of Forgotten Children; instructor at the N.H. Police Cadet Training Academy; Senior Counselor at Massachusetts Boys State; past Host Parent for the Council on International Educational Exchange.

Last major achievement: Completion of the Department of Homeland Security’s Basic Computer Evidence Recovery Training (BCERT), a 240-hour training course in Computer Forensics and Evidence Recovery.