Director, Acute Care Professional Servies, Cheshire Medical Center

Birthplace: Claremont

Family: My wife of 9 years, Kate; our 2-year-old son, Jackson; and our golden retriever, Bella

High school: Stevens High School, Claremont, class of 1999

College/post grad degrees: Wheaton College, Norton, Mass., B.A. in Chemistry and Physics, class of 2003; Boston University, Boston, M.S. in Project Management, class of 2009; Honorably Discharged U.S. Army Specialist, Intelligence Analyst 2004-05

What is the best career advice you ever received?

Less in words and more in action displayed was in the life of Jesus. His life epitomized: stay humble, be generous, and walk with integrity! I carry this both in my professional career and also in my personal life and volunteer endeavors. People tend to trust those who have proven to have integrity and maintain a sense of humbleness. Never talk over people. When you are humble, you are able to see things in a different perspective … it’s no longer about you, but about everyone else. I have also been on the receiving end of much generosity and it’s the reason REMIX exist today. However, “to whom much is given, much is expected.” (Jesus). Because I have been blessed with a great family, educational opportunities, employment, and health, it is my responsibility to steward those things well and give back in my personal and professional life.

Why did you choose your profession?

It’s about helping people, often times when they are in a vulnerable spot. Healthcare is something everyone will need at some point. I like to ensure all patients are treated with dignity and respect, as if they were one of my own family members. In an ever-changing world, I enjoy analyzing complex challenges in order to create a better experience for our patients. Whether it’s reducing the wait time in a waiting room, or improving processes so patients can see their doctor sooner, all of it is done to serve people.

What motivates you to give back to your community?

Again, a passion for people! Every single person has a story and in every story there are highs and lows. I look forward to opportunities to be able to meet tangible needs in people’s lives when they might be at a low point, for whatever reason. “Craving our own honor blinds us to the beauty of serving the lowly,” John Piper. There is such joy in helping people. To be able to see a former opioid user actively engage in a recovery program, or a woman battle breast cancer courageously and with a sense of determination, is all inspiring. We are all one decision, one choice, one diagnosis away from a very different life and so we must be grateful for today, regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.

What would you like to be doing when you’re 40?

Well seeing how 40 is less than two years away, I hope to be doing much of what I am doing today: continuing my career in healthcare and philanthropic/volunteer work at REMIX. I also hope to continue to deepen some of the relationships that have begun to form within the community and initiate new ones. All of this in an effort to … you guessed it, help people! The way you help people, is by loving them. Not just with words, but with action!

Volunteer activities: CEO/Founder of REMIX Coffee Bar & Social Club – 100 percent donation-based, non-profit, volunteer-run coffee bar that functions as an alternative to the typical bar and club scene. We also coordinate two recovery groups: Mondays we hold Celebrate Recovery and Tuesdays we host a Medication-Assisted Treatment Group Therapy program for recovering opioid users. Assistant Pastor, Audio/Visual Director, and Treasurer of LIFE Fellowship Foursquare Church, Charlestown.

Last major achievement: Launching REMIX in May 2017 by far was the most recent, and probably one of the more significant achievements of my life. It has created a space that people of all walks of life are welcome and can enjoy the comfort of a social club with a latte, hot cocoa, or sugar waffle and not feel like you need to spend a lot of money. But beyond a cool, fun place to hang out, we have donated over $8,000 to our local community and families in need. All profits above our operating costs go back in to the community! We also host recovery programs every week on Mondays and Tuesdays and we are seeing people’s lives transformed! People have written on our bathroom graffiti wall things like: “I was saved at REMIX.” “God, please help me stay clean.” “REMIX is my safe place.” To see things like this encourages me that we did it right and people feel a part of a special community at REMIX! We accept everyone, no judgment, no matter where they are at in life’s journey. Also being featured in a recent edition of The Boston Globe was pretty cool.