Staffing is an ever-changing field, evolving with each shift in our economy, each new generation entering the workforce, and in the case of information technology staffing, each wave of new technologies. Our world is becoming increasingly tech-driven and nearly all sectors of the industry are growing by leaps and bounds. Nearly every company has a technical aspect to it, and the need for skilled employees in tech-related positions has never been greater.

New Hampshire is currently fortunate to have a low unemployment rate, which is great for candidates but makes finding talented people to fill roles even more difficult than usual. As an IT staffing professional, I am keenly aware of the unique challenges employers face when searching for the right individuals to join their team. Reaching out to an experienced IT staffing firm is a great way to raise your odds of finding the right fit for your company.

Where do you start?

One of the biggest advantages to working with a staffing company is the breadth of resources available to the team. Each account executive and recruiter brings their own experiences to the table, and together we build out our individual and company-wide networks. It can be overwhelming to create a complete job description, list all the requirements and preferences for the individual who will join your team, and then go out and locate someone who is a great fit.

IT recruiters have a network of candidates who work with specific technologies, and frequently have a particular person or two who comes to mind when learning about a new role. This kind of professional relationship often leads to referrals as well — we love that our candidates want us to work with their colleagues or friends because it speaks to the level of trust we’ve built, and we know it will lead to a great experience for our clients as well.

Culture matters

When we work with a company, we take the time to learn about their internal environment — the makeup of the team, the vibe of the office and the unique qualities of the business. Cultural fit is incredibly important to both prospective employees and to the company. Finding the right match can be the difference between an adequate experience and a fantastic relationship between employee and employer.

Assessing whether or not a candidate will be the right fit for your company’s environment can be a challenge if you’re not practiced at it. Recruiters have these conversations every day, and develop what our office affectionately refers to as “recruiter gut” — an instinct to guide them as they evaluate candidates. Intuition and experience are tenets of a strong recruiting team, and both directly influence their ability to identify someone who will fit in seamlessly when transitioning to a new company.

Technical knowledge

IT staffing is unique in that there are a lot of technologies and terminology to master. A solid recruiting team dives into new technologies by taking online trainings, attending meetups and talking with experienced candidates in order to learn and understand the skills our clients are searching for.

It is so important to have that knowledge in order to evaluate prospective candidates and ensure they have what it takes to meet the needs of clients. I believe job-seekers also appreciate speaking with a recruiter who understands what they do on a daily basis, and can find them a role that will allow them to use their talent while continuing to learn and be challenged.

Hiring is an important, intense and often emotional process. Engaging a team of staffing professionals who have experience and a genuine passion for hiring is the best way to turn a labor-intensive process into a seamless experience. One of the best parts of what we do as professionals is hearing the success stories born from our work. Our candidates and clients become important parts of our day, and we take great pride in the role we play in their journeys in and connecting people to the opportunities of their dreams.

Jennifer Gray is the founder and president of Market Street Talent, a technical staffing firm in Portsmouth. Market Street Talent is heavily invested in the IT vertical, and we are dedicated to connecting highly skilled candidates with companies we love working with. Learn more at