Coca-Cola of Northern New England

A cityscape of empty cans in the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England plant in Londonderry. All aluminum cans are sourced from Ball in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

LONDONDERRY — Coca-Cola of Northern New England is one of Manchester Water Works’ biggest buyers, according to MWW Director Phil Croasdale.

“They’re far and away our largest retail customer,” Croasdale said.

There are two wholesale customers (Pennichuck Corp. and the town of Derry) that buy more water, but the next largest retail customer buys less than half the amount CCNNE buys.

CCNNE spokesman Nicholas Martin said the company uses about 120 million gallons a year.

The Londonderry plant’s new dedicated Dasani water bottling line will increase its usage by another 8 million gallons, Martin said.

Croasdale said CCNNE’s current water bill is an estimated $275,000 annually. Another 8 million gallons would add another estimated $18,600, he said.

CCNNE’s sustainability manager, Ray Dube, said the company generally can’t use about 8 percent of the water it gets for beverages, so they use it for cleaning and other purposes.

Martin said the water needs to be treated to remove additives like fluoride before it can be mixed to create beverages.

After the new line is installed, about 11 million cases of Dasani a year will be bottled with water from Lake Massabesic, MWW’s primary source.