The headline on the cover of this year’s “New Hampshire Innovators” shortchanges the head count on the pages inside. 

This year, we decided to focus on individuals rather than companies, aiming to focus as much on entrepreneurs as on their creations. We soon learned it’s often hard to single out one person so we're featuring 16 people within 12 organizations.

Some of them feature two or three people, such as Francesco Mikulis-Borsoi and Kristian Comer, students at the University of New Hampshire who founded YouScheduler, a startup that developed an online tool to create college course schedules.

Our update on Jeremy Hitchcock, who co-founded internet performance company Dyn, is a slice of a bigger story about how he and his former colleagues are launching other startups or joining other technology companies in New Hampshire and beyond.

Hitchcock is arguably the best known name among the mix. Mostly we wanted to spotlight people, organizations and companies whose impact on the Granite State has been flying below the radar outside technology circles. They include Jennifer Gray, whose Portsmouth recruiting company helps information technology companies find workers, and Matt Marra, a veteran of IBM and Uber who is an investor with 10X Venture Partners in New Hampshire.

We recruited Julie Demers, who just this month joined the New Hampshire Tech Alliance as its first full-time executive director, to introduce this year’s “New Hampshire State of Technology.” It’s culled from the national Cyberstates 2019 report, which offers data on tech employment in the Granite State.

We solicited nominations this year from the University of New Hampshire, Southern New Hampshire University, Dartmouth College and the New Hampshire Tech Alliance, through Matt Cookson of Cookson Communications, the alliance’s long-time executive director until this year.

Through these stories, we hope you learn as much about innovation -- and the people creating and driving it -- as we did.

Mike Cote is the business editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader. Contact him at or (603) 206-7724.


Monday, January 27, 2020