Great Bay Community College

Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, pictured, has created a specialized workforce development program for Chinburg Properties after the company’s number of employees tripled due to continuous growth in the housing market.

PORTSMOUTH — Chinburg Properties in Newmarket has grown from a small family business into a large developer of housing on the Seacoast.

The rapid growth has led company leaders to team up with Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth to offer company employees and executives customized training so they can work together as a team while embracing the company’s identity.

“We see this as a great way to develop a team of leaders and to reward, stimulate and retain employees by providing training to help them progress and succeed in their professional and personal lives,” said Jen Chinburg, vice president of marketing and strategy.

Katie Logue, who is a commercial leasing and marketing manager with the company, said that during this past spring’s training program there was a different topic each week to work on as a group. Executives and employees had a chance to participate equally.

“It was really interesting in that way; we were all interacting with each other the entire class,” Logue said.

Logue, who works in the Newmarket corporate office, said she doesn’t get to interact with the people from the Dover location very often, so it was a good way for them to get to know each other.

Logue would recommend partnering with Great Bay to other companies. “One hundred percent. I think it teaches everybody who takes the class. I think it’s an eye-opener and boosts productivity,” Logue said.

Assistant Project Manager Mat Ouellette said his confidence has been boosted by the fact his employer provided such training.

“It gave me the confidence that they care,” Ouellette said. “It unites the company by bringing people together who might not otherwise see each other or interact.”

GBCC helped Chinburg submit a successful grant application to the New Hampshire Job Training Fund, which helped to pay for the workforce development courses.

The company plans to roll out the program to employees across the company as it continues to grow, according to a news release.