This time of Coronavirus disruption is creating a situation for many where they have more available free time. For some, hours have been cut back or jobs have been lost. Then, there are those who find themselves working from their homes, which presents its own challenges, especially where child care services or school attendance has been interrupted.


In some workplaces, people are needing to fill-in for staff members who are out ill. For others, such as in the medical field, the work demands, in certain areas, are overwhelming. These differing scenarios have something in common, though: Routines are being toppled. Which leads to the question: How does one come to feel a sense of accomplishment, even in unsettling circumstances? Inevitably, it is when goals are being met.

Dr. Paul P. Baard is an organizational psychologist, specializing in motivation. Formerly a full-time professor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business and a senior line executive in the television industry, he is the lead author of a book on leadership and motivation, and has been published broadly, including in Harvard Business Review. He and Veronica Baard, a former managing director responsible for HR at a major international investment banking firm, head up Baard Consulting LLC, a firm in the greater Boston area, focusing on motivation, conflict reduction, and team building. Questions are welcomed at

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