MANCHESTER — Comcast has completed a 950-panel solar project that includes electric vehicle charging stations in a push to become greener.

The solar panels are part of two carport structures providing protection for 120 employee vehicles.

“We actually had a few employees on the fence on what their next new car was going to be and decided to buy electric vehicles,” said David Newman, senior director for environment, health and safety and head of sustainability for Comcast’s Northeast Division.

The solar panels will generate as much as 500,000 kilowatt hours of power yearly — the equivalent of 40 homes worth of electricity.

It will produce enough to provide about 15 percent of the electricity usage at Comcast’s Northeast Division headquarters at the corner of Island Pond Road and East Industrial Park Drive.

Close to 1,000 employees work there and serve customers from 14 states, stretching from Maine through Virginia, as well as the District of Columbia.

Comcast officials declined to say how much the solar panels cost or how much it might save in electricity costs. Construction started in early July and wrapped up early this month.

Besides providing two dual-port charging stations beneath the solar panel canopy to allow for charging up to four vehicles at a time, the company also undertook other sustainability projects, including upgrading to high-efficiency equipment and cooling systems in data centers and installing LED lights and fixtures at dozens of its largest offices and call centers, including Manchester and Hudson.

Mayor Joyce Craig, in a statement, commended Comcast’s efforts.

“I hope this investment in clean energy will provide inspiration to others and give them the push they need to dedicate resources to sustainability in our community,” she said.