As the new executive director of the New Hampshire Tech Alliance, I was given a very nice welcome present when I received the 2019 Cyberstates report. This annual national report produced by CompTIA on the state of the technology industry provides state-by-state data that gives us a clear sense of the impact of the sector based on the previous calendar year data.

In summary, the report highlights how the tech sector is a major economic driver and job creator for New Hampshire. Our tech sector is filled with innovators from early stage startups to mature companies that continue to develop new products, process and services that fuel growth. It’s especially appropriate that we highlight this data in the New Hampshire Innovators magazine produced by the New Hampshire Union Leader.

It’s my pleasure to call out some highlights based on the 2018 data:

Tech employment in the Granite State is nearly 70,000, and we showed a year over year gain of 2,819 jobs, equating to a 4.2% increase.

Tech employment as a percentage of the overall workforce in New Hampshire is nearly 10 percent (9.8%).

The economic impact of the sector represented 13.8% of the state’s gross domestic product, up from 12.6% in 2017.

Median tech occupation wages continue to increase and are 80% higher than median state wages.

Software and web developers is the largest sector at 8,776 employees and grew by 5.9% in 2018.

Looking at tech industry sectors, IT services and custom software services became the largest sector in 2018 with an 8% year over year growth to 15,921 employees.

Our challenge will be sustaining this growth given our low unemployment rate and demographic challenges. The New Hampshire Tech Alliance will be conducting a Listening Tour this fall across the state for our members and for nonmembers alike to tell us what we can do as an organization to support them and build off this track record of success. Visit us at to learn more and sign up for our e-blasts to stay on top of our latest news. We hope to see you at one of these listening sessions.

Julie Demers is an experienced nonprofit executive and began serving as the executive director of the New Hampshire Tech Alliance on Sept. 3.


Monday, January 27, 2020