General manager at Burger King

Kelly Black, general manager at the Epping Burger King, checks documents while working a shift on Oct. 4. New Hampshire businesses continue to have difficulty filling jobs during record-low unemployment.

CONCORD — Thousands more Granite Staters are in the labor force than were at this time last year, according to state data released Thursday — and in some towns, the unemployment rate has dipped below 2 percent.

The New Hampshire Department of Employment Security released its monthly Local Area Unemployment Statistics report Thursday. In the month of November, the report said, the non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 2.3 percent, the same as October 2019. The November 2018 rate was 2.2 percent.

The report showed a difference in unemployment rates across different regions of the state. The Concord and Lebanon areas have the lowest unemployment rates, at 1.9%. The Berlin area has the state’s highest unemployment rate, at 3.1%.

Non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rates for each New Hampshire town and city can be seen online at

The November estimate for the not-seasonally adjusted labor force showed 12,230 more people employed than in November 2018, and 1,250 more unemployed — which means the state’s total labor force has grown by 13,480 since last year.

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