MANCHESTER - Eversource executives urged their customers to examine energy efficiency and tighten up their homes after state regulators approved a 19.1 percent increase in energy supply charges that will be passed on to consumers over the next six months.

The Public Utilities Commission approved the supply charge to go up from the current 7.903 cents per kilowatt hour to 9.412 cents.

This is a direct pass-through for the price of generated power with no profit going to the utility, Eversource officials said Friday.

"We're always mindful of the effect energy supply increases have on our customers, particularly those who are facing difficult financial circumstances. We urge customers to make full use of our energy efficiency programs to help reduce their usage, tighten up their homes and keep their energy bills down," said Penni Conner, Eversource senior vice president and chief customer officer. "Our energy efficiency specialists are ready to help find solutions so customers can better manage their energy use year-round."

Eversource customers can choose to purchase energy from a competitive energy supplier instead of the regulated utility.

A list of registered energy suppliers is available at

Eversource has changed its power-purchasing practices, buying the latest supply April 1 for a four-month period that did not include any portion of the higher-priced winter period.

The default energy service charge will be adjusted on Aug. 1 and Feb. 1. This schedule is to reduce price volatility during the winter season, when energy costs are highest, company officials said.