CONCORD — The state Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the Northern Pass transmission project on May 15.

Northern Pass officials are appealing a state committee’s unanimous rejection of the transmission line project that would have brought hydropower from Quebec into New England.

The proposed 192-mile Northern Pass route would have run from Pittsburg to Deerfield through more than 30 communities, but the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee rejected the project in February 2018. Committee members cited concerns over potential harm to tourism, property values and businesses along the route.

Project officials have said the committee should have deliberated on all four of the criteria that are required for the project to receive a needed state certificate, and that the committee should have considered conditions that could have helped eliminate or reduce concerns of committee members.

Project foes said Northern Pass failed to meet its burden of proof and that project officials were looking for another chance to get the committee to green-light the project.