Goedecke Design Center to expand in Bedford

The Goedecke Design Center in Bedford will be constructing a second-story addition to its facility along Route 101.

BEDFORD — Goedecke Design Center is expanding its facility along Route 101.

Planning officials this week approved a second-story addition to the 15,000-square-foot building at 284 Route 101. The business specializes in paint, flooring and decorating.

The family business has been in operation since 1923, and is currently owned by Alan and Nancy Goedecke.

The addition is necessary to provide more professional space for the company’s staff, according to Tom Carr of Meridian Land Services, who said the second level will be reserved for critical office space.

The 1,260-square-foot expansion will allow existing offices that are currently crowded in the lower level to move upstairs, which will free up space for clients in the main area, according to Carr.

“The newly proposed expansion is in the front of the facility,” he told the planning board on Monday.

A brick veneer will be used for the exterior facade of the building, according to the plans that were approved by the planning board.

“The expansion is not intended to add more employees,” said Carr. Current loading operations will remain the same, as those are not expected to increase, he added.

“According to the applicant, the expansion will allow the owners to address current issues of overcrowding in the building,” Mark Connors, assistant planning director, states in a staff report to the board. “... The business provides services related to interior remodeling including flooring, windows and kitchen and bath improvements, and is a permitted use in the commercial district.”

Given its location along the highly traveled Route 101 corridor, Connors is asking that Goedecke improve its landscaping in the front of the complex.

“The addition will provide the business a more prominent presence along a very visible corridor, and additional landscaping would aid the aesthetics of the site,” he wrote.

The addition will have a sloped roof line similar to the existing front portion of the Goedecke building, with the facade and windows matching what already exists on site, according to Connors.

The current parking layout with 41 parking spaces will remain the same, the plans state.

There was a separate, 3,000-square-foot addition of warehouse space added to the Goedecke building about 15 years ago.