BEDFORD — A law firm that represents the interests of men has opened its first office in New Hampshire.

Cordell & Cordell, a domestic litigation firm that focuses on men in divorce and custody cases, is now operating at 15 Constitution Drive.

According to a news release, the company has more than 100 offices throughout the nation and in London, as well as nearly 300 attorneys.

“We are more pro-family than anything else,” Scott C. Trout, CEO of Cordell & Cordell, said in a recent interview. “We are not representing dads to take away the rights of moms, but rather balance the playing field.”

Studies suggest that children are better off when both parents are involved in their upbringing, which helps them be more successful in school and life, according to Trout.

Judges, unintentionally, form some sort of stereotype or opinion when dealing with a man in a divorce case of custody case, he said.

Cordell & Cordell is not sexist or pro-men, he said, adding some men simply need a partner to aggressively represent their interests.

“It is not about bashing women — that is not the goal here,” Trout said.

The company is expanding into New Hampshire to help protect men and their roles in their children’s lives, while also safeguarding their financial means, he said.

Cordell & Cordell offers legal services for divorce, child support, paternity, child custody, legal separation, alimony, contempt proceedings, protection orders, property division and more.

Jessica L. Ugarte will oversee the new Bedford office, which is located in suite 121 of the Constitution Drive office complex. Ugarte has more than 11 years in private law practice and has represented clients in divorce, custody, domestic violence and other family law and civil litigation.

Aside from its new Bedford office, Cordell & Cordell also opened a new office in Portland, Maine, earlier this year. It also has plans to expand into Oregon, Washington and South Dakota in 2020.

“I was galvanized by guys who were my clients and trying to get primary custody of their children. Even though they were the better parent, they still couldn’t get across the finish line in the courts,” Joseph E. Cordell, co-founder and principal partner, said in a statement. “The more frustrated I became, the more incentivized I was to help them”

Trout said about 97 percent of the company’s clientele are men.

“We want to help men, not only through the most difficult time in their life, but also through a really murky system of divorce,” he said in a news release.

Thursday, June 04, 2020
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