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WOLFEBORO — Henry Southwick Maxfield Jr. has devoted so much time, energy and money to non-profits in the Lakes Region that he truly lives out the promise of the “We Care” program he launched in 1999 to celebrate the 54th anniversary of the Lakes Region real estate firm established by his father.

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KEENE - The Putnam family's generosity in the form of contributions to historic preservation, cultural enhancement and ecological maintenance has made a big difference in the southwest area of New Hampshire, the Monadnock Region.

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JACKSON — For the better part of his 90 years, Warren Schomaker has been able to accomplish much simply by keeping his head down and his nose to the metaphorical grindstone. For that approach to life, as well as for what he’s done along the way, he has been named a 2014 recipient of the Gran…

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GOFFSTOWN — Claira Monier believes that if you've been given a good life, you should do your best to give back. That philosophy has served Monier well throughout her long career in New Hampshire politics, work life and service to her community.

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MANCHESTER - When the Palace Theatre nearly became a victim of urban renewal in 1974, then-Mayor Sylvio Dupuis needed to stall the wrecking ball for 90 days so sufficient funds could be raised to save the cherished venue.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
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MANCHESTER — The civic-minded head of one of the state's largest law firms. A philanthropist dedicated to helping veterans. The former “face” of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. And one of the nation's premier inventors.

Dean Kamen has met presidents, pop stars and corporate bigwigs, but finding out he's getting one of this year's Granite State Legacy Awards presented by the New Hampshire Union Leader and sponsored by Centrix Bank was “a little unnerving,” he said.

Monday, June 11, 2012

AMHERST — Michael Salter is not one to sit on the sidelines once he identifies a problem area. If a child, parent, or veteran in New Hampshire is in need, time and again he has come forward, through actions and donations, to fill the void.