The Manchester Country Club is planning to renovate its existing maintenance area on Patten Road in Bedford, as well as build an addition and construct a separate building.

BEDFORD — The Manchester Country Club is seeking permission to renovate and expand its service area facility.

The proposed project is designed to improve the private golf club’s maintenance area on Patten Road, and will include the razing of three existing maintenance structures.

Once those buildings are demolished, a one-story, 2,500-square-feet addition to the existing maintenance garage will be constructed, as well as a new, 2,800-square-feet stand-alone building.

According to a memo from Becky Hebert, town planning director, the new building will be equipped with offices, a garage, locker room for employees and a covered, self-contained turf care mixing area.

“The new buildings are a significant improvement over the existing mix of portable storage units, older shed and quonset hut,” wrote Hebert.

The project also involves reconfiguring the parking areas and construction of stormwater treatment facilities to capture runoff, according to Hebert, who said the new parking layout will provide 22 parking spaces.

“The intent of the project is to streamline current operations, with no new anticipated employees, and existing operations performed for care of the country club to continue,” Nicholas Golon, senior project manager with TFMoran, Inc., wrote in the application.

The local planning board will be reviewing the proposal at its meeting next week. According to Golon, the proposed development will take place on about 1.3 acres of the entire country club property, which is more than 162 acres.

“The existing MCC turf grounds consists of a patchwork of buildings, some of which date 30 years old,” Tony Nazaka, project manager with Stone River Architects, states in the plans on file at town hall.

The proposed addition will include a mechanic’s bay and new offices. The newly proposed building will house more offices, locker rooms, a break room, turf care supplies, mixing area and metal canopy, explained Nazaka.

Four years ago, the planning board approved the construction of a new cart barn and pro shop, as well as a deck and addition to the clubhouse dining room.

The Manchester Country Club, which has been in operation since 1923, sits on a 163-acre parcel between South River Road, Meetinghouse Road and Patten Road.

The planning board will review the new site plan at 7 p.m. Monday at the BCTV Meeting Room in Bedford.