MERRIMACK — Town planners have been presented with conceptual plans for the construction of a small-business center along Daniel Webster Highway.

The owners of Synergy Self Storage in Merrimack have acquired a 2-acre parcel of vacant land at 702 Daniel Webster Highway that they would like to develop.

This week, owners Chris Ross and Joel Sikkila approached the planning board with a conceptual design for a new project at the site, which is housed near Merrimack Ten Pin and Maple Ridge Condominiums.

The original plan was to construct a contractor yard on the property, however the new owners have opted against that project.

Instead, they are pursuing the idea of a small-business center with two separate buildings on the site. In the rear of the parcel, a 9,600-square-foot building is being considered, which would provide storage units for commercial contractors. In the front of the property, a 6,480-square-foot building is being considered, which would house retail or restaurant space on the lower level, and one residential apartment for a caretaker on the upper level.

Ross said there are clients at Synergy Self Storage who are trying to build small businesses and are outgrowing their home office space. This new development would provide them with office space and large storage units — all in one location — to expand their business opportunities, he explained.

“That is primarily what we would like to build in the back,” said Ross, adding he already has interest from a local HVAC company.

In addition, the owners are speaking with two or three other individuals who might be interested in leasing space within the new development, which is still in the conceptual phase.

“Doing something very useful on the property, with a model that you know you have the demand for ... seems to make a lot of sense,” said Robert Best, chairman of the Planning Board.

He agreed that there is a niche in the market for small businesses that need more space to grow.

“You have a unique ability to fill those spaces. I like that a lot,” said Best.

Previously, the property was eyed for the construction of a single-family residence and a contractor yard. However, neither of those proposals ever came to fruition.

A formal site plan has not yet been submitted for the property.