Oracle + Dyn on Dow Street in Manchester

Oracle’s entire 100,000-square-foot space in the Millyard in Manchester is available for lease.

MANCHESTER — Just like the Dyn sign before it, the massive red Oracle sign atop a Millyard building visible from Interstate 293 is set to come down.

The “rooftop branding opportunity” is being advertised as part of a listing for the 100,000-square-foot space occupied by Oracle at 150 Dow St.

“We have the entire Oracle space on the market,” said Bob Rohrer, a managing director and principal of Colliers’ New Hampshire offices, on Thursday afternoon.

Oracle, the California-based tech company, remains mum on the status of its Manchester location and declined comment this week. But the end of Oracle’s presence in the Millyard comes as little surprise. The company also operates a campus in Nashua off of Spitbrook Road.

Oracle bought Dyn for a reported $600 million in 2016. Dyn rose to high-tech prominence through its internet data traffic management services before it became a division of Oracle. The company once had as many as 400 employees in the Millyard.

“Since the moment we were acquired I think it was expected that we would get moved to Nashua,” said Kyle York, who left Oracle in July to launch an investment firm in Manchester with two other former Oracle + Dyn employees.

Oracle rarely leases space it occupies, York said, so it makes sense that the company would relocate workers to the Nashua property it owns. The company began to cut its Manchester workforce in waves beginning in March, eliminating its sales and marketing operations but retaining an engineering team.

“All these things happened as it relates to layoffs and things like that, but there’s still 150 to 200 predominantly engineering resources, which is really what they bought us for,” York said on Friday.

York said he lobbied for Oracle to invest in Manchester and the local Dyn operation and noted that the company added a lot of new hires during the first 18 months of the transition.

He said he’s glad the engineering jobs will remain in New Hampshire, especially since Oracle also has Massachusetts campuses in Burlington and Cambridge.

“But I also think it’s going to be a catalyst for more change and more turnover because in the end, depending upon where you live, it could be adding another 20- to 25-minute commute to people’s days,” he said.

For the Manchester native and longtime Dyn employee, Oracle’s exit from the Queen City is bittersweet.

“From a symbolism perspective, it definitely feels more like the ending of an era – the physical space in Dyn hosting candidates, major companies and major events, and Dyn-Tinis,” York said, referring to the company’s networking events. “We really cared about the physical space and what that meant to culture. This definitely feels like the closing of a chapter.”

Colliers is marketing the building as a premier Millyard building with recent renovations and onsite property management. The space can be broken up between 10,000 square feet and the full 100,000 square feet, according to the listing that first popped up over the summer.

“The Dyn/Oracle space is uniquely high-tech space for Manchester, it can be renovated to fit a lot of different types of uses,” Rohrer said.

And it comes with an option for a rooftop sign.


Tuesday, November 19, 2019